European Genealogy

The continent of Europe is a multitude of very assorted cultures, people, languages, regions, histories and customs. Because of such diverse when looking at European genealogy, it is difficult to identify one or two common cultural themes or values as purely European.

The history of Europe, from the north to the east to the southern end has been highly influenced by the different conquering societies. The nomadic tribes, the Greeks civilization, the dominating Roman Empire, the spread of Christianity and the development of nation-states ruled by monarchs has transformed the continent into an assortment of ethnic groups, each with their own characteristics.

With colonialism and the domination of numerous places in the world by many European nations they have spread their European beliefs, practices and traditions into a global culture. Seeing their influence in world history in looking at European genealogy.

Contributions by Europeans included classical music developed in Austria, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, and Russia. Also, folk music represented numerous regions and can be associated with a certain culture; such as the Irish ballets.

Beginning with the Greeks and then Romans, architectural styles have been an outstanding contribution to the world. Great literature, especially from fictional writers has been an important element in European culture. A variety of theater and dance as well as circus performers is part of European traditions.

Scientific discoveries are numerous in all the European regions over the centuries; from Darwin, to Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Pasteur, Freud and Gutenberg. Religion has been important, especially Christianity having been the dominant feature in shaping up European culture for at least the last 1700 years. Across the continent are supporters of Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox Christianity and Judaism.

In the variety of foods of Europe, one common item is the serving of meat at one meal or more. Added is the use of sauces, gravies and seasonings. Common vegetables include potatoes.
The Europeans love sports and have originated cricket, football (soccer), discus throw, field hockey, golf, rugby and tennis.

In more modern times the Europeans have developed more common norms and values that transcend national borders. They have tried to create more of an European Union, so that all can share and help one another, instead of repeating the centuries of warfare. Most of the nations of Europe have come to be more multicultural.

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