familytreedna-logoFamilyTree DNA is the testing partner for National Geographic’s Genographic project. People who have already have their Genographic project results can transfer that data over to FamilyTree DNA. It is also possible to purchase a FamilyTree DNA test kit without taking part in the National Geographic project.

FamilyTree DNA offers three types of DNA test kits. Each one is for a specific purpose. All of them can help you unlock your family history. They go about it in different ways.

The FamilyTree DNA mtDNA Ancestry Tests can help you discover your heritage on your mother’s line. In other words, this is a test that can help you trace your maternal ancestry and heritage. The test focuses on your mtDNA (which is an abbreviated way of saying “Mitochondrial DNA”).

A mother can pass her mtDNA to her children. She can pass it to both her female children and her male children. Those female children can grow up and pass the mtDNA they got from their mother to their kids (both the boys and the girls). Men cannot pass the mtDNA they got from their mother to their children. In short, everyone gets their mtDNA from their mother’s line.

The mtDNA test from FamilyTree DNA costs $199. Both men and women can take this DNA test and get results from it. The test kit identifies your mtDNA and compares it with the information in the world’s largest mtDNA database. FamilyTree DNA will use that information to seek out people who might be your siblings.

FamilyTree DNA also has a Y-DNA Ancestry test. This test will help you discover your heritage on your father’s line. This test costs $169 and can only be taken by males.

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. One set of chromosomes determines a person’s biological sex. Women have two X chromosomes. Men have one X chromosome that came from their mother and one Y chromosome that was passed to them (almost unchanged) from their father. The Y-DNA Ancestry test can show where your paternal ancestors came from and how they migrated through the world.

FamilyTree DNA also offers a Family Finder. It costs $99 and is an autosomal DNA test that automatically finds your relatives within 5 generations. It works by comparing your DNA to the DNA of other users in our massive database. It can be used to discover unknown family connections, to confirm uncertain relationships and to connect with living relatives.

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