Living DNA has a direct-to-consumer DNA test kit. Use it to find out where you really come from.  The Living DNA test is the most advanced DNA test, offering twice the detail of other ancestry tests.


The Living DNA test is simple.  You can order it online.  The kit is shipped straight to you, by standard or express routes, no matter where you are in the world.  When the Living DNA kit arrives, activate your kit online.  Next, collect your DNA sample with an easy to use mouth swab.  Send the sample back to Living DNA.  Within 10-12 weeks, your results will be ready to explore.


The Living DNA test kit cost $159.00.  The test can be taken by either a woman or a man.  (Only men will get results of their father’s direct ancestry through YDNA markers).


Living DNA is able to show your ancestry in twice the detail of other tests because of the scientific teams they work with and the detailed ways in which they can explore your DNA.  You can review your results online, or in a personalized book.  This allows you to explore your DNA breakdown today, as well as the migration patterns of your ancestors dating back to 80,000 years.


Living DNA will let you see what ancestry you have in common with your friends and family – and which ones you don’t.  It is possible to look back to different points in history and compare when in the past your DNA unites with a friend or family member.


There is an optional personalized coffee table book that you can obtain.  The book will show your DNA test results.  You can use the book to share your results with friends and family without having to be tied to a computer.  The personalized book also makes a great gift.


Living DNA gives you your DNA mix across 80 world regions, including 21 in Britain and Ireland.  Your Family Ancestry will show your estimated family ancestry breakdown today.  If you have British or Irish ancestry, Living DNA is the only test that shows where within Britain and Ireland your ancestry came from.


Living DNA can also show your motherline ancestry.  Through your mtDNA, they can look at the history of your motherline up through recent times.  Living DNA will highlight any famous people who share the same motherline group as you do.


Men who take the Living DNA test can explore their fatherline ancestry through their Y-DNA.  Women who take the test can still get parts of their father’s ancestry through their autosomal DNA.


Living DNA will update your ancestry results for free as science and their systems evolve.  That means your results will be updated to provide on-going details about your ancestry.

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