DNA Test

MyHeritage has a mass-market DNA home-testing kit that is simple, affordable, and that will help millions of people around the world uncover their ethnic origins and make new family connections.  It is called MyHeritageDNA and is a global testing service for uncovering ethnic origins and making new family connections.

The MyHeritageDNA  kit consists of a simple cheek swab and takes only a minute to complete, with no need for blood or saliva.  It allows users to test their DNA to reveal valuable information about their family history and ethnic origins.  The sample is then mailed to MyHeritageDNA’s lab for analysis and the user is invited to view the results on the MyHeritage website.

In its initial version, MyHeritageDNA provides two main features: detailed ethnicity reports that map the user’s ethnic and geographic origins, and DNA Matches for finding relatives.  Additional features and capabilities are planned for the future.

MyHeritageDNA results include fascinating ethnicity reports, showing the percentage of the user’s DNA that come from different populations around the world.  The initial reports currently includes 25 ethnicities, but this will improve dramatically thanks to MyHeritage’s unique Founder Population project.  More than 5,000 participants have been hand picked for this project by MyHeritage from its 85 million members, by virtue of their family trees exemplifying consistent ancestry from the same region or ethnicity for many generations.

DNA test results complement MyHeritage’s core offerings, including family trees and historical records – the tools traditionally used by family history enthusiasts.  Thanks to its expertise in family trees and vibrant community, MyHeritage provides its DNA customers with features not offered by most competing services, such as viewing family trees of the majority of their DNA Matches to pinpoint the connection path, and automatically identifying which surnames and geographical locations they have in common.

MyHeritage DNA kits are available for the introductory price of $79 + shipping (prices vary by location).  When the introductory period is over, the MyHeritage DNA kits will be priced at $99 + shipping.  With the launch of MyHeritageDNA, the company will cease to offer DNA kits of other vendors.  Users who have already tested their DNA on other services are welcome for a limited time to upload their DNA data to MyHeritage at no cost to benefit from free DNA Matches.

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