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  • The Limitations of DNA Test Kits for Americans

    Jan 12

    Genealogists take DNA tests for two reasons. One is because the results could reveal relatives that they were unaware of. The other reason has to do with health. Some DNA tests can reveal whether or not a person has genes that might increase the risk for certain diseases. However, there is a limitation on DNA test kits for Americans – one that is...


  • Coffee Consumption Associated with Longer Life

    Dec 22

    There are many who begin their day with a nice, hot, cup of coffee. People enjoy the warmth and comfort the popular beverage brings, and look forward to the kick of caffeine. You may have started drinking coffee after watching your parents and grandparents drink it. A new study found that drinking coffee is associated with having a long life. 23...


  • Police Are Asking for DNA

    Nov 24

    Genealogists who want to learn more about their heritage could choose to use a direct-to-consumer DNA test kit. Send a sample of your saliva to the company that makes the test kit, and wait for the results. Some companies use the DNA of their customers in order to help find cures for diseases. It appears that this isn't the only thing your donat...


  • GoodStart Genetics Offers Carrier Screening

    Oct 28

    Genealogists who have put together their medical family tree might be knowledgeable about the genetically heritable diseases that run in their family. That knowledge can be helpful when people are ready to start a family. GoodStart Genetics provides genetic testing that can help parents have healthy babies. There are many diseases that are herit...


  • AncestryDNA Partners With Calico

    Aug 17

    Genealogy has become more than vital records and family trees. It has become entwined with genetics. Those of you who have used AncestryDNA to discover more about your genes may be interested in knowing that the company has partnered with Calico. Together, they intend to learn more about how to extend the human life span. Calico is part of Al...


  • Karyomapping Can Detect Genetic Conditions

    May 25

    An infant in Ireland was born in April of 2015. She was healthy despite the fact that both of her parents carried a gene that leads to a genetically inherited condition. This was made possible due to a combination of successful PGD and karyomapping. John and Emma O'Connor each carry a gene that leads to a mucolipidosis. It is a metabolic diso...


  • What Color Was that Dress?

    Apr 15

    You may recall the day when a photo of a dress captured the attention of nearly everyone on social media. A debate began. What color was the dress? Some saw it as blue and black, while others saw it as white and gold. The reason people saw things differently is due to two factors. One has to do with photography, and the other has to do with ge...


  • The Genetics that Influence Red Hair

    Mar 9

    People often assume that a person who has red hair must have Irish heritage. Sometimes, that might be correct. However, it is entirely possible for a person to have red hair and absolutely no Irish ancestors. The reason has to do with the genetics that influence red hair. It is understandable that people associate red hair with Irish ancestry...


  • How to Find Out What’s In Your Genes

    Jan 22

    Genealogy and genetics are two different fields of study that have become very overlapped in recent years. In addition to creating a family tree, many genealogists are making a medical family tree as well. Discovering what is in your genes can lead you to locating relatives you did not know existed. It can also point your toward health related deci...


  • DNA Tests May Reveal the Skeletons in the Family Closet

    Oct 20

    DNA testing can be a bit of a “Pandora's Box”. Once you open it up, you cannot ever put back the information that you learned about your family tree. A DNA test can unintentionally reveal the skeletons in the family closet. Those that learn about family secrets through DNA testing can experience a shock. Some feel that the news is dropped up...