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  • MyHeritage and 23andMe to Donate DNA Kits to Reunite Families

    Jul 2

    Two of the companies that make direct-to-consumer DNA test kits are offering free DNA tests to help reunite families that were separated from each other at the United States border. Both MyHeritage and 23andMe have started contacting relevant government agencies and non-profit legal aid organizations that are representing the families. Genealog...


  • 23andMe has Genetic Risk Report for G6PD Deficiency

    Jun 13

    23andMe announced that it has added a new Genetic Risk Report for G6PD Deficiency. It looks for one genetic variant linked to episodes of anemia. G6PD stands for “Glucose-6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency”. It is a genetic disorder that occurs almost exclusively in males. It affects red blood cells, which carry oxygen from the lungs to ti...


  • 23andMe Sues Ancestry for Patent Infringement

    May 19

    GenomeWeb, an independent online news organization based in New York, has been around since 1997. It's mission is to cover the scientific and economic ecosystem spurred by the advent of high-throughput genome sequencing. GenomeWeb reported that 23andMe has sued for patent infringement and misleading marketing. GenomeWeb points out t...


  • 23andMe has a Populations Collaborations Program

    May 4

    23andMe has launched its Populations Collaborations Program. The goal is to expand diversity in genomic research. To do this, 23andMe is partnering with researchers across the globe to genotype people in communities that are underrepresented in genetic research. 23andMe explained more about why they chose to launch their Populations Collaboratio...


  • 23andMe Adds FHI Carrier Status Report

    Apr 9

    23andMe announced that they have added a new Carrier Status report on a serious, but rare, condition that can lead to excessive insulin production. The condition is called familial hyperinsulinism. 23AndMe users can now discover if they are a carrier of the gene that causes this rare condition. Familial hyperinsulinism is a disease where there ...


  • 23andMe Has FDA Approval for Genetic Test for Breast Cancer

    Mar 21

    23andMe has received the first ever Food and Drug Administration approval for a direct-to-consumer genetic test for cancer risk for its BRCA1/BRCA2 (Selected Variants) report. This is a major milestone in consumer health empowerment. The 23andMe genetic test for cancer risk for BRCA1/BRCA2 (Selected Variants) report covers three variants in the ...


  • 23andMe Expands Ancestry Composition – Adds 120 Regions

    Mar 12

    23andMe is in the process of making improvements to their Ancestry Composition report. The new update will be seen by customers of 23andMe in the coming months. They are adding 120 new regions to the existing Ancestry Composition report – for a total of more than 150 populations across the globe. Traditionally, 23andMe's Ancestry Composition R...


  • 23andMe Launches the Global Genetics Project

    Feb 9

    23andMe is undertaking one of its most ambitious ancestry initiatives to date, the Global Genetics Project. This project was inspired by the success that 23andMe had with their African Genetics Project. 23andMe researchers modeled the Global Genetics Project using what they learned while doing the African Genetics Project (which launched in 2016...


  • 23andMe Partners with (RED)

    Dec 16

    23andMe announced that it has partnered with (RED). This is the first time that 23andMe has done this. Purchase a limited edition 23andMe DNA kit – while supplies last. Some of the cost of the purchase will go to help fight AIDS. As you may know, 23andMe is a mission-driven company with big dreams of using data to revolutionize health, well...


  • 23andMe Improves their Ancestry Composition Feature

    Nov 16

    23andMe has been “revving up” their Ancestry Composition feature. The result is that some customers who have tested on 23andMe's latest genotyping chip will start to see more precise detail in their Ancestry Composition results. 23andMe points out that the remarkable aspect of their Ancestry Composition feature is that the innovative machin...