Genealogy Today

A web site for genealogists for over 11 years, Genealogy Today has unique databases, search tools and original articles, along with links to the newest sites and online resources. Also offered are subscription-fee based databases and newsletters and over 500 products in their marketplace.

It has Online Genealogy Index program. It’s purpose was to create a search that bridged the various databases the site had been acquiring and developing. The Online Genealogy Index incorporated the databases from their First Name Basis, Family Tree Climbers, GenToday-L and Serendipity.

The majority of the online data is in their Genealogy Today Subscription Data. It is made up of original documents mostly published between 1830 and 1930 — including Masonic rosters, rural school and college catalogs, vintage telephone directories, insurance claims, tax records, church catalogs, railroad seniority rosters, fraternal group and business association memberships, farm directories along with all sorts of clubs and societies. All the 50 states and several European nations are included. Outside of Europe the areas included are Australia, Japan and Peru.

Several of their components can stand on their own as databases. The following are two examples. One is Family Tree Connection and the other is New England Early Genealogy Connections.


The genealogy web site is a collection of data indexed from a variety of secondary sources such as high school and college yearbooks, city directories, local club member lists and church records. Over the years many organizations had full details of the members’ lives over many decades this is an interesting database to explore.

Recently reaching 750,000 names, the program added a free database of funeral cards (also sometimes called mass, mourning or remembrance cards), and referred to as Funeral Cards Online. Also, added was a database of War Ration Books, Business Cards and Family Bible Pages.

The Family Tree Connection database resides at Genealogy Today and is integrated into the search engine on that site. There is a monthly subscription fee.

New England Early Genealogy Connections

It is a database of over 70,000 records compiled by Alice Howe Palmer over the past fifteen years, is the first effort to connect and interconnect names from the early New England period. No individual name is included unless it has at least one connection to another, often with multiple connections. All of the names include any available basic data including birth, death, marriage dates, towns of residence, along with citations documenting sources.

There is a massive list of New England surnames from which to select. The New England Early Connection helps facilitate the search for female surnames of wives and mothers known only by their given and/or married names, an important element in family history research.

The site has a search engine which includes surname and resource components, allowing visitors to search a variety of databases and catalogs. In addition, a researcher can preview results from numerous genealogy and online information sites. They offer a selection of both free and fee-based databases (clearly marked with a dollar sign). Their subscription rates are on an annual basis and included all their collections.

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