To combine genealogical knowledge and resource data into a shared database is the purpose behind Using computer technology all the family trees submitted can be matched for similar names, dates and places and then combined into one grand family tree. The site has over 190,000,000 ancestors’ names already and approximately 50,000 new names added every day.

To submit a family tree, one can be created with the available software at or a GEDCOM file with a family tree can be downloaded. The information with the tree is compared and with any similar matches the submitter is notified. If there is a tree with perhaps a difference in date or location that information is also provided. The site’s automatic search engine continues to scan for any matches. Their cross-referencing which runs 24 hours as day gathers the millions of bits of data to locate the common ancestors.

There is no limit to the number of generations a tree can have. With the genealogy site it also saves the submitted pedigree to secure servers, providing a backup of all the data. Family information can then be easily shared with other family members. Their collaboration method helps identify specific individuals working on the same ancestors.

Some of the shared information from other researchers of the same family can come from anywhere around the world. There maybe documents, photos, biographies and histories of families previous unknown to descendants in another location. All the information can be shared.

The site has easy viewing of each family branch with the ability to zoom in if needed. The entire family pedigree, up to 196 generations, can be viewed at once using their starfield system.

A search engine with allows the researcher to put in an ancestor’s name to see what available information exists. New information can come from either another submitted tree or from the Social Security Death Index.

With the free seven-day trial, individuals can test the site to see if the program would be of benefit for their research. There are plenty of articles to assist the researcher along with special tips and how-to articles. Subscription plans for can be monthly, quarterly or annually.

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