Our Family Tree

Our Family Tree is a free online genealogy database program where anyone can submit suggested updates to existing branches, or add their own branches. The site keeps all submitted data in one common tree, avoiding all duplicates between researchers. Some of the special features include pedigrees, descendant charts, Google map integration, duplicate checking, feasibility checking and collaboration among researchers.

The full-featured online genealogy collaboration database is helpful for people just browsing, and as a tool for family history researchers to maintain and work in partnership on their research efforts. With some 1,670 researchers they have approximately 230,300 ancestors listed.

The ‘Our Family Tree’ genealogy system started a number of years ago as an individual’s own genealogy system. Finding success, it has grown and improved over time to add more flexibility and usability.

The system has clear instructions and is easy to operate. Each submitter has full control of data entered without any special creating of websites. Once the information is added, there will be a checking for any similar names and locations. There is the email-a-friend feature to share data. There are several ways to display information in charts, trees and logs.

This genealogical site assist in organization and sharing with other researchers. Numerous links to surname sources are available. The site does not have a collection of viewable databases, images and records.

Our Family Tree, as an online genealogy site for creating and storage of a family tree, is free of charge and open for anyone to use. Just register with a log-in name and password and everyone is ready to start.

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