Daniel Family Name


A Hebrew name, it means ‘God is my judge’. It serves as surname and a given name for an individual. The Daniel family name is categorized as an English, Portuguese, German, Polish, French, Italian and Spanish surname.

Spelling variations for Daniel change based on different nations and languages. In Romania, it is spelled Danut, in the Persian language it is DanI, in Wales the name is Deiniol and the Dutch form is Daan. In Ireland the name is McDaniel, O’Daniel and McDonnell. Additional spellings for Daniel are Daneil, Danel, Danyei and Daniell.

In England the Daniel name is popular in Cornwall, London, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Warwickshire, Sussex, Devon and Cheshire counties. In southwestern Wales, the Daniel name is popular with the most in Glamorgan.

Primarily in the southern region of the United States is where the Daniel surname is strongest. The states of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas have the greater population of Daniel families.

Famous: Dan Daniel (sportswriter), Brittany Daniel (actress), Jack Daniel (founder of Jack Daniel’s whiskey), Marcos Daniel (professional tennis player from Brazil), Samuel Daniel 17th century (English poet), Beth Daniel (professional golfer), Jeffrey Daniel (singer and dancer) and Paul Daniel (English music conductor).

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