Daniels Family Name


A Scottish surname originating from the ancient Hebrew name of Daniel, which meant ‘God has judged.’ It also refers to the son of Daniel.

Spellings variations for Daniels include Danel, Daniers, Daniells, Danniel, Denial, Daniell, Danyell, Danyei, Daneil and Daniell.

The region of Sussex had the first of the Daniels families in England. In England and Wales the Daniels surname is popular. The London area and then the northern region of Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire and Warwickshire have many with the Daniels name. Also along the southwestern English coast in Cornwall County the Daniels surname is common. In Wales, the county of Glamorgan has very high numbers of Daniels as does Carmarthenshire County. The Scottish county of Aberdeenshire in the eastern central area is very high in those with the Daniels surname.

In Ireland the surname can be McDaniel and McDonnell.

The states of Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Virginia, North Carolina and Texas have a high percentage of families with the Daniels surname.

Famous: Ben Daniels (English actor), Antonio Daniels (professional basketball player), Jonathan Worth Daniels (journalist and writer), Charlie Daniels (singer and musician), Bebe Daniels (signer, dancer, writer and actress), Billy Daniels (actor and singer), Gipsy Daniels (boxer from Wales), William Daniels (English artist) and Martin Daniels (English entertainer and magician).

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