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A French, Jewish, Welsh and Italian surname, David as a family name comes from a Celtic term which meant a friend. The Hebrew name David means beloved. The spelling variations for David include Dafydd, Davith and Dewi. In England the David surname started in Cheshire, close to the Welsh border. Over the years it spread to all of the country and that of Wales. The highest populated areas of the city of London and Glamorgan in Wales. In Scotland the counties with the great David family names are Aberdeenshire, Angus, Banffshire, Fife, Midlothian and Lanarkshire. Within the United States the David family name originated in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana and Illinois. Famous: Jacques-Louis David (18th and 19th century artist from France), Keith David (movie film and television actor), Larry David (comic actor, writer and producer), Craig David (musician from England), Felicien David (19th century music composer from France), Dickie David (champion rugby player from Wales), Pierre Jean David (sculptor), Hal David (songwriter), Ferdinand David (19th century music composer and violinist from Germany) and Peter Allen David (writer of television scripts, comic books and novels).

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