Davidson Family Name


It is based on the Hebrew given name of ‘David.’ An ancient and popular name, it means beloved of god. Another spelling includes: Davideson, Davidsson, Davison, Davidsen, Davson, Davisson and Davids.

The states of New York, Pennsylvania, California, Missouri, Texas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio have high percentage of those with the Davidson name.

In England, the northern border counties with Scotland and the county of Lancashire have the greatest Davidson population.

In Scotland the counties of Lanarkshire, Midlothian and Aberdeenshire have many Davidson families.

Davidson family members were mostly farmers and laborers in the 1880s.

Famous: William, Arthur and Walter Davidson (co-founders of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles), Ben Davidson (professional football player), Jo Davidson (sculptor), Thomas Davidson (Scottish philosopher), John Davidson (Canadian professional ice hockey player), Randall Davidson (Archbishop of Canterbury), John Andrew Davidson (Canadian politician), Avram Davidson (science fiction writer), Basil Davidson (English historian of Africa), John Davidson (actor) and Robert Davidson (Scottish inventor).

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