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A German, Dutch and English surname, Decker comes from the Old German term ‘decke’ which means a covering or roof. The name Decker generally referred to a carpenter or builder in Germany. A German word ‘decher’ also mean the number ten and was often given as the birth name for the tenth child. The spelling variations for Decker include an English form spelled Dicker. A Dutch spelling for Decker is Dekker. Additional spelling forms are Dekk, Deckert, Deck, Deckard, Deckmann and Deckard. In England Decker families are scattered across England and some of Wales. The higher populations are in the city of London and nearby counties and north into Lancashire and Yorkshire counties. In Scotland the two areas with Decker families are Renfrewshire and Midlothian counties. Within the United States the Decker families originated in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, New York, Illinois and Indiana. Famous: Hans Decker (15th century German sculptor), Mary Beth Decker (fashion model), Steve Decker (professional baseball player), Daniel Decker (music composer) and Johan S. Decker (19th century artist from France).

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