Dennis Family Name


An English surname, the family name of Dennis comes from the Latin term ‘Dionysius’ and the Greek term of ‘Dionysius’ which both means a follower. In early Christianity, many early saints had the name as Denis.

Spelling variations for Dennis include Dench, Denis, Dennys, Dennyss, Denniss and Denys.

Scotland has Dennis families in Lanarkshire, Midlothian, Renfrewshire and Aberdeenshire. In England the Dennis family name is mostly along the eastern coast and especially in Yorkshire, Norfolk, Essex and Kent. To the far southwest there are many Dennis families in Cornwall and Devon.

Within the United States Dennis families primarily live in Georgia, Maryland, California, Texas, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Dennis name is also found in many of the southern states, from Virginia to Arkansas.

Famous: George Dennis (English explorer of Etruria), Nick Dennis (actor), Sandy Dennis (actress), Shaun Dennis (football player of Scotland), Morgan Dennis (writer and illustrator), Hershel Dennis (professional football player), Carolyn Dennis (singer and actress), Bill Dennis (race car driver) and Cheri Dennis (singer).

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