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The Fales surname is a Czech term and comes as a shorten form from the term ‘valentin’ and ‘valens’ which means braves and valiant. Various spellings for Fales include Phail, Fayle and Faul. In England the Fales families live mostly in Lincolnshire, Durham, Kent, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Norfolk and the city of London. The county of Angus in Scotland has the principal population of those with the Fales name. Within the United States most Fales families lived in Massachusetts, New York, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Famous: Almira L. Newcombe Fales (a nurse during the American Civil War), DeCoursey Fales (a lawyer, banker and researcher of the Fales family of Rhode Island), Steven Fales (playwright, actor, producer and comedian), Lauren Fales (film actress) and Susan Fales (television writer).

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