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A French and English surname, Faulkner comes from the Old French term ‘faulconnier’ which refers to a person who handles, trains and hunts hawks and falcons. The spelling variations for Faulkner include Falkner, Faulknor, Falconer. In England across the country there are many with the Faulkner surname. The greatest centers of population are Lancashire, Yorkshire, the city of London, Lincolnshire, Surrey and Northamptonshire. In Scotland the counties of Lanarkshire, Midlothian, Renfrewshire, and Fife have the great Faulkner populations. Within the United States the Faulkner families began in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, Georgia, Arkansas and Texas. Famous: Colleen Faulkner (author), Damien Faulkner (race car drive from Ireland), Graham Faulkner (actor from England), Steve Faulkner (footballer from England), Max Faulkner (English professional golfer), Neil Faulkner (English artist), Sally Faulkner (movie film and television actress from England), Shannon Faulkner (first female cadet admitted to the S. C. Citadel Military College) and Peter Faulkner (champion cricket player from Australia).

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