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A Scottish and Irish surname of Ferguson originated on the west coast of Scotland. The Celtic word of MacFergus means son of Fergus. The name Fergus means manly and strong.

Spelling variations for Ferguson include Fargerson, Fargusson, Fergusson and Farguson.

In Scotland in Perthshire, Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Galloway are where most with the Ferguson families live. The northern region of England has the greatly concentration of Ferguson families. Also in London are higher populations with the Ferguson name.

In the United States, Ferguson families are in Texas, California, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, New York and Pennsylvania. Across most of the southern states are also many Ferguson families.

Famous: Elsie Ferguson (actress), Samuel Ferguson (19th century Irish poet), Christopher J. Ferguson (U. S. astronaut), Colin Ferguson (Canadian actor), George Ferguson (English architect), James Ferguson (Scottish 18th century astronomer), Abbie Park Ferguson (19th century founder of Huguenot College), Craig Ferguson (comic and actor), Keith Ferguson (professional football player), Samuel W. Ferguson (Civil War Confederate general) and Alex Ferguson (professional baseball player).

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