Fernandez Family Name


A Spanish and Portuguese surname, Fernandez as a family name comes from a personal name of Fernando. It refers the son of Fernando. The name of Fernando means to travel, go on a journey.

In Spain the surname of Fernandez is the second most common name and in Italy the surname is very common. In Portugal, Fernandez is a very popular and common surname.

Spelling variations for Fernandez are Fernandes, Furnandiz, Ferrandiz, Farrant, Hernando, Fernao, Fernan, Fernant and Hernaiz.

In Scotland the county of Lanarkshire only any number of Fernandez families. In England the London region and the counties of Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire have the greater Fernandez populations.

Within Spain and southern Italy, especially around Naples, are many with the Fernandez surname. In Latin American countries of Puerto Rico, Mexico, Uruguay, the Philippines and Cuba are highly populated with Fernandez families.

Within the United States the Fernandez surname is primarily in Florida, New York, Hawaii, Texas, Louisiana, California, New Mexico, Arizona and Massachusetts

Famous: Pedro Fernandez (16th century Spanish explorer of Argentina), Juan Fernandez (16th century Spanish explorer in Chile), Mervyn Fernandez (professional football player), Humberto ‘Chico’ Fernandez (professional baseball player from Cuba), Dominique Fernandez (writer and author from France), Mary Joe Fernandez (professional tennis player), Leonel Fernandez (president of the Dominican Republic), Gregorio Fernandez (17th century sculptor from Spain), Hernando S. Fernandez (poet and writer from Bolivia) and Tony Fernandez (Professional baseball player).

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