Ferrari Family Name


An Italian and Portuguese surname, Ferrari comes from the Latin term ‘ferrium’ which means iron. The Italian name ‘ferraro’ refers to a blacksmith. Variations in spelling Ferrari include Ferari, Ferraro, Pharro, Farrah, Fierro, Ferrero, Ferrucci, Farrar, Ferrarotti and Ferrara. In England individuals with the Ferrari name have mostly lived in Yorkshire, Sussex, Devon, Somerset, Norfolk, Surrey and the city of London. The Scottish county of Lanarkshire has Ferrari families residing there. Within the United States the Ferrari families have primarily settled in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, Illinois and Ohio. Famous: Enzo Ferrari (a race car designer from Italy), Ermanno W. Ferrari (a music composer from Italy), Gaudenzio Ferrari (a 16th century Italian artist) and Virginio Ferrari (renown sculptor).

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