Ferrell Family Name


An Irish surname, Ferrell comes from the Gaelic term ‘o fearghail’ which refers to a man of valor and bravery. The spelling variations for Ferrell include Farrelly, Farrell, Ferroll, Ferrill, Frahill, Farrell, O’Ferral, Fraleigh and Frawley. In Ireland the earliest Ferrell families were in the province of Leinster, the eastern region, near the city of Dublin. Most in later years settled in County Longford within Leinster. Scattered across England are Ferrell families. Most are settled in Kent, the city of London, Essex, Sussex, Cornwall, Nottinghamshire, Lancashire and Warwickshire. In Scotland the main cluster of Ferrell families is in Lanarkshire and nearby Renfrewshire county. Within the United States the original Ferrell families resided in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, New York, Georgia and Alabama. Famous: Richard Benjamin Ferrell (professional baseball player), Conchata G. Ferrell (television actress), John “Will” Ferrell (film and television actor, impressionist, comic and writer), Rachelle Ferrell (singer), Jami Ferrell (fashion model and actress), Tracy Ferrell (musician), Wesley Cheek Ferrell (professional baseball player) and Andy Ferrell (professional footballer from England).

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