Fields Family Name


An English name from Middle English word feldes, and its plural or possessive form of feld  which means ‘open country’. 
Another language spelling and use of Fields is French. It is written ‘Deschamps’ and ‘Duchamp’. Fields can also be in a singular form, Field.

Most Fields families have been farmers in the 19th century.

In the United States the majority of Fields surnames are in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia.

Fields families in England are located on the eastern coast in the counties of Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

Famous: Fred Fields (artist), Totie Fields (American female comedian), Gracie Fields (British actress and singer), Josh Fields (baseball player for the Chicago White Sox and Seattle Mariners), W. C. Fields (actor and male comedian) and Rich Fields (TV announcer).

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