Figueroa Family Name


The Figueroa surname originated from Galician, which is a region in Spain in the northwest section. An original term was ‘figueira’ which meant fig tree. The surname is also common in Portugal.

Spelling variations for Figueroa include Figuero, Figuera, Figarola, Higueras, Higuero, de Figueroa and Figueres.

The Figueroa surname is popular in Spain and many of the Latin American countries such as Puerto Rico, Columbia, Chile, Venezuela and Mexico.

In England the Figueroa family name is only in the city of London.

A few states within the United States have families with the Figueroa surname. The states of Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico and New York have the greater number of Figueroa individuals.

Famous: Francisco de Figueroa (16th century Spanish poet), German Figueroa (professional wrestler from Puerto Rico), Juan Figueroa (head of the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut), Luciano Gabriel Figueroa (professional football player), Pedro de Castro y Figueroa (18th century viceroy for Spain in New Spain), Orlando Figueroa (engineer in charge of the NASA Mar Exploration) and Emiliano Figueroa (president of Chile).

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