Finch Family Name


An English surname, Finch comes from the Old English term ‘finc’ which refers to a finch bird including some other birds such as peacocks. The spelling variations for Finch include Vinch, Vynch, Vince, Vyche and Fynch. The spelling of Finch in Germany is Fink. All across England the Finch surname is found. It is strongest represented in Lancashire, Kent, Essex, Devon, Suffolk, Surrey and the city of London. In Scotland the Finch surname is most common in Aberdeenshire, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire and Dumfries-shire counties. Within the United States the Finch family name began in New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan and Tennessee. Famous: Horace Finch (accomplished organist and pianist fro England), Peter Finch (movie film actor), Harry Finch (partnered with Fred Nash in 1899 to form the Nash Finch Company handling wholesale foods), Aaron James Finch (professional cricket player from Australia), David Finch (comic book artist), Joel Finch (professional baseball player), Richard Finch (professional golfer), Sheila Finch (science fiction writer), Stanley Wellington Finch (established and was first director of a bureau of detectives within the US Justice Department, before the creation of the FBI), Jennifer Finch (musician - bass) and Elise Finch (journalist).

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