Fischer Family Name


A German, English and Danish surname the Fischer family name comes from the term ‘fisch’ which refers to a fisherman.

A spelling variation for Fischer is Fisher.

The Fischer name is popular in Germany, Austria and Denmark. Only a scattering of locations in England have the Fischer surname, most in London and in Lancashire county.

The states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri and California have a higher population of the Fischer name within the United States.

Famous: Bobby Fischer (world chess champion), Artur Fischer (inventor from Germany of the plastic dowel, photo flash light and more with some 1080 patents), Clare Fischer (musical composer and pianist), Gustav Fischer (19th century publisher), Heinz Fischer (president of Austria), Jenna Fischer (actress), Ludwig Fischer (race car driver from Germany), Wilhelm Fischer (boxer from Germany), Ivan Fischer (music conductor from Hungary) and Jan Fischer (prime minister of the Czech Republic).

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