Sampson Family Name


An English, Irish, Dutch and French surname, Sampson comes from the ancient Hebrew term ‘shimshon’ which means the man of the sun. A spelling variation for Sampson is Samson. In England the earliest Sampson families resided in Gloucestershire in southwest England. Over the centuries the surname of Sampson has spread to all of England and most of Wales. The counties with the higher Sampson populations are Yorkshire, Lancashire, Norfolk, Essex, Cornwall, Somerset, Devon and the city of London. In Scotland the counties with the greater Sampson populations are Lanarkshire, Midlothian, Perthshire, Fife and Dunbartonshire. Within the United States the Sampson family name originated in Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Famous: Henry Sampson (a passenger on the Mayflower to Plymouth in America in 1620), Will Sampson (actor and artist), Nic Sampson (actor from New Zealand), Anthony Terrell Sampson (journalist), Angus Sampson (actor from Australia), Deborah Sampson (impersonated a male to fight during the American Revolutionary War), Jamal Sampson (professional basketball player), Paul Sampson (professional rugby players n England) and Marty Sampson (songwriter from Australia).

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