Sanchez Family Name


A very prevalent surname in Spain, it is Spanish name. The surname means the son of Sancho. Then the name refers to the sanctified one.

Another spellings are Sanches, Saenz, Saez, Sanchiz, Sanzio and Sanx.

In Spain the name of Sanchez is the fifth most popular surname. In Argentina the Sanchez surname is very common, about 10 percent of the population have the name. In the United States the Sanchez surname is in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California mostly. It is a common name in Mexico, several Central American nations and in Puerto Rico.

Famous: Linda Sanchez (politician in the United States from California), Olivia Sanchez (a professional tennis player of France), Roselyn Sanchez (, actress and model from Puerto Rico), Francisco Del Rosario Sanchez (founder of the Dominican Republic in the 1800s), Anibal Sanchez (professional baseball player).

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