Santana Family Name


An Italian, Portuguese and Spanish surname, Santana comes from the Latin terms ’san’ and ’ana’ which means a saint, or saintlike and as in Saint Anne. The spelling variations for Santana include Santanno, Santi, Santinni, Santanna, Santilli and Santinelli. In England the Santana family name is concentrated in Kent, Lancashire and Nottinghamshire counties. In Italy the Tuscany region has the earliest Santana families. From Spain many Santana families resettled in the West Hemisphere, to live in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Cuba. Within the United States the Santana surname is found primarily in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, New York, California, Arizona, Colorado and New Jersey. Famous: Ervin Santana (professional baseball player), Carlos Augusto Selva Santana (musician from Mexico), Mario Santana (footballer from Argentina), Manuel Santana (professional tennis player), Johan Alexander Santana (professional baseball player), Cleber Santana (footballer from Brazil), Tito Santana (professional wrestler), Salvador Santana (musician), Juelz Santana (singer) and Lizette Santana (singer, musician, actress and songwriter).

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