Santiago Family Name


A Spanish and Portuguese surname of Santiago means the Saint James (Sant Lago). Santiago is the Spanish form of the given name of Jaime which is also James.

The surname originated in Galicia, Spain

Spelling forms include Sandiego, de Santiago, Santyago, San Jaime, Yagues, Yaguez and Yago. In Portugal the Santiago surname is Tiago.

Santiago is a common surname in Spain. Latin American counties with the Santiago surname include Brazil, Puerto Rico, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba and Dominion Republic.

In England the county of Lincolnshire has the major concentration of Santiago families.

The Santiago surname is lightly scattered across the United States with most in Florida, New York and California.
Famous: Richard Santiago (boxer from Puerto Rico), Tony Santiago (Puerto Rican historian), Benito Santiago (professional baseball player), Hugo Santiago (movie film director), Joey Santiago (musician), Saundra Santiago (actress) and Milly Santiago (news reporter).

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