Santos Family Name


A Spanish and Portuguese word Santo meaning ‘saint’ forms the name Santos. The original form is dos Santos (from Spanish Todos los Santos ‘All Saints’). In Portuguese the word is Todos os Santos. The name can bestowed on a child born on All Saints’ Day. It is a very universal Portuguese surname. This very common surname is found in Spain, Portugal and the Philippines Islands.
In England, some with the Santos surname live in Lancashire county. In Scotland there are a few in Angus county. The states of the United States with Santos individuals are Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey and California.

Most Santos workers in the 1880s were laborers.

Famous: Vicente A. Santos (of the Supreme Court of the Philippines), Ary dos Santos (Portuguese poet), Joe Santos (actor), Edgardo Santos (Puerto Rican professional boxer), Julio Santos (Ecuadorian freestyle swimmer), Nelson P. dos Santos (Brazilian movie director), Matthew Santos (singer) and Leslie George Santos (Hong Kong footballer).

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