Saunders Family Name


An English, Irish and Scottish surname the Saunders family name originated from the name Saunder. It goes back to the Greek name of Alexandros which means a defender of men.

Spelling variations for Saunders include Saunderrs, Sanderrs, Sawnders, Sainders and Saynders.

In England several Saunders families reside in the southeast region, especially around London. They also are in Devon and Lancashire counties. In Scotland the Saunders name is scattered across the country, but mostly in the eastern portion in Fife, Angus, Midlothian and Lanarkshire. The Saunders families are across Ireland, but with the highest numbers in the County Wicklow.
Saunders families in the United States live mostly in New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Famous: George Saunders (writer of short stories), Jennifer Saunders (actress and comic from England), Norman Saunders (illustrator), Tony Saunders (professional baseball player), Pete Saunders (musician from England), Justine Saunders (actress from Australia), Dave Saunders (professional volleyball player), Clarence Saunders (developer of automated retail stores such as Piggly Wiggly), Charles Saunders (champion tennis player), Ben John Saunders (English Arctic polar explorer) and Dean Saunders (footballer from Wales).

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