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The Old English term of ‘sagu’ which would become the surname of English surname of Sawyer refers to those who saw wood. The people who sawed timber would be known as Sawyer. Variations for spelling Sawyer include Sawer, Seger and Sawier. In England the Sawyer surname is mostly in the city of London and along the eastern coastal counties of Kent, Essex, Surrey and Suffolk. The are some also in Yorkshire and Lancashire. In Scotland the Sawyer families mainly reside in Angus counties with a few in the southern end in Dumfries-shire. Within the United States, Sawyer families are scattered in Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Michigan, Kansas, Texas, California, Florida, Alabama and Virginia. Famous: Ivy Sawyer (actress and singer), Robert J. Sawyer (science fiction writer), Diane sawyer (television news anchor and reporter), Joe Sawyer (actor from Canada), Shawn Sawyer (professional figure skater) and William E. Sawyer (inventor of electric switches for telegraphs and lighting systems).

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