Schneider Family Name


The surname is a Middle High German word of Snider and Schneider which means ’to cut’ or ‘tailor‘; it is literally "someone who cuts." It can refer to a woodcutter also. The Yiddish form is shnayder. Schneider is a very common name in Germany and widespread throughout central and eastern Europe.
Various spelling forms include (another German variant), Snyder, Snider and Sneider. The Dutch form is Sneijder. The Swiss forms are Schnider and Schnyder The Polish form is Znaider and the Jewish form is written Sznajder.

Places of origin for Schneider are Germany, Switzerland and Bavaria.

In England, the Schneider surname is located in the counties of along the southern end and mostly in London. In Scotland, the Schneider families are in Lanarkshire and Midlothian.
The states with higher Schneider populations include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri.
In the 1880s most Schneider families were farmers.

Famous: Hannes Schneider (early 20th century Austrian skiing pioneer), Kurt Schneider (German psychiatrist who worked on diagnosis and understanding of schizophrenia), Peter Schneider (film executive as president of the Walt Disney Studios), Johann Gottlob Schneider (18th century German classical scholar), Rob Schneider (comedian on stage, TV and films), Franz Schneider (inventor of interrupter gear for German World War One aircraft), Johann Rudolf Schneider (Swiss doctor of medicine and a politician, was initiator of the Jura water correction), Reinhold Schneider (German writer), Kurt Schneider (German World War One flying ace) and Helen Schneider (singer and actress).

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