• 23andMe Improved Their Paternal Haplogroup Report

    Aug 21

    23andMe now has a new and improved Paternal Haplogroup Report. Customers of 23andMe can trace the footsteps of their paternal-line ancestors over thousands of generations of human history. A haplogroup is the term scientists use to describe a group of mitochondrial or y-chromosome sequences that are more closely related to one another than to...


  • Customers of 23andMe Can See their Contributions to Research

    Jul 23

    People who have taken a DNA test from 23andMe know that the information their saliva sample yields is important. Your DNA results can point you towards people you might be related to, and can also provide some information about your health. Now, 23andMe customers can see their contributions to research. 23andMe gives customers choices that all...


  • 23andMe Kits Now Available at Best Buy

    Jul 8

    23andMe announced several options for those who want to purchase a 23andMe test kit. Obviously, you can buy them directly from the 23andMe website. But, there are additional places that also sell them. 23andMe points out that you can buy their test kits at Amazon, at CVS, and at Target. Best Buy has been newly added to that list. 23AndMe say...


  • 23andMe Updated their Maternal Haplogroup Report

    Jun 19

    23andMe has updated their maternal haplogroup report. The redesigned version places customers' own ancestral stories within the context of the broader human story. A haplogroup is the term scientists use to describe a group of mitochondrial or Y-chromosome sequences that are more closely related to one another than to other sequences. The term...


  • 23andMe Explains Their Genetic Health Risk Reports

    Jun 14

    23andMe was given authorization from the Food and Drug Administration to market their direct-to-consumer DNA tests that provide genetic risk information for certain health conditions. As such, 23andMe has put together some helpful information that explains more about their Genetic Health Risk Reports. 23andMe points out several things that consu...


  • FDA Allows 23andMe to Sell Genetic Tests for Disease Risk to Consumers

    Apr 10

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted 23andMe authorization to offer ten genetic health risk reports. Those reports include late-onset Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, celiac disease, and a condition associated with harmful blood clots. You may recall that in 2013, the FDA ordered 23andMe to stop marketing its personal gen...


  • 23andMe Explores Role of Genetics in Male-Pattern Baldness

    Mar 20

    23andMe has been collaborating with scientists at the University of Bonn (and other institutions) in an effort to discover the role of genetics in male-pattern baldness. The study appears in the journal Nature Communications. Does your family include several male relatives (and ancestors) who went bald? You might conclude that baldness “runs...


  • 23andMe Releases Genetic Weight Report

    Mar 13

    23andMe has released a Genetic Weight Report that is the first of its kind. It combines large scale genetic and non-genetic data plus machine learning to provide personalized portraits of how genes and lifestyle impact weight. It is not unusual to hear someone say that he or she wants to lose some weight. There is an entire diet industry that ...


  • 23andMe and Celmatix Launch New Fertility Study

    Mar 4

    23andMe announced that it is working with Celmatix on a new fertility study. The purpose of the study is to answer one question. How does DNA impact a woman's reproductive health and ability to conceive? Celmatix is a personalized medicine company focused on fertility and women's health. Their technology-enabled produces empower people, throu...


  • 23andMe Highlighted Their Best Blogs of 2016

    Jan 16

    The start of a brand new year is a good time to take a moment and look back upon what was accomplished in the previous year. Many genealogy and family history companies are posting blogs on that topic This includes 23andMe, who put it all together in a blog titled "Our Top Five from 2016". They featured information about their top 5 blogs that w...