• The Genetics that Influence Red Hair

    Mar 9

    People often assume that a person who has red hair must have Irish heritage. Sometimes, that might be correct. However, it is entirely possible for a person to have red hair and absolutely no Irish ancestors. The reason has to do with the genetics that influence red hair. It is understandable that people associate red hair with Irish ancestry...


  • FDA Approves 23andMe’s Test for Bloom Syndrome

    Mar 5

    A few years ago, 23andMe offered a direct-to-consumer DNA test kit that provided both genealogical and health information. In November of 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required 23andMe to stop offering the health data. They were allowed to continue offering the genealogical information that came from the DNA testing. In February...


  • How to Find Out What’s In Your Genes

    Jan 22

    Genealogy and genetics are two different fields of study that have become very overlapped in recent years. In addition to creating a family tree, many genealogists are making a medical family tree as well. Discovering what is in your genes can lead you to locating relatives you did not know existed. It can also point your toward health related deci...


  • Experts Side with FDA Over 23andMe

    Mar 26

    You may have heard by now that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered 23andMe to halt the marketing of its health-related direct-to-consumer DNA test kits. (It is still allowed to sell its DNA test kit for genealogy purposes). Many saw this as a controversial decision. The FDA had concerns about the potential health risks that a co...


  • DNA Testing Kits that are Still Available to Genealogists

    Feb 18

    Lately, there has been some news about DNA testing kits that are no longer available to the general public. Those test kits have been removed from the market because the Food and Drug administration (FDA) or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have doubts about the medical information that was given to consumers who had sent in a sample of thei...


  • The FDA has ordered 23andMe to stop marketing its Personal Genome Service

    Nov 26

    Most genealogists have heard of 23andMe. They offer services that can be interesting to people who are trying to learn more about their family tree. 23AndMe offers a service that can connect you to other users who share similar DNA. The thing that 23andMe is the most noted for, however, is their DNA testing kits. A person buys a kit, sends out...