• 23andMe Reported New Genetic Associations for Myopia

    Apr 16

    23andMe reported that a team of researchers discovered previously unknown genetic mechanisms that lead to myopia, or nearsightedness, including new associations with circadian rhythm. Led by scientists at King's College London, researchers from University College London, Kaiser Permanente, and 23andMe identified three ways that genetics pla...


  • New Genetic Association Identified for Heart Failure

    Mar 24

    23andMe announced that researchers at Johns Hopkins University have identified three genes associated with heart failure, a devastating condition that affects an estimated 23 million people worldwide. The study was originally published in the journal Nature Communications. The study offers researchers new insight into the underlying biology...


  • 23andMe Feature Automates Genetic Family Trees

    Mar 10

    23andMe has added a new feature called Family Tree. It will automatically start your tree based on your list of DNA Relatives. With a new algorithm, 23andMe's Family Tree predicts how you might be connected to your genetic relatives, so you don't have to start from scratch. According to a recent study conducted by 23andMe researchers, more ...


  • 23andMe Licenses Antibody it Developed to Almirall

    Feb 11

    Almirall, a leading global pharmaceutical company focused on medical dermatology, and 23andMe, a leading consumer genetics and research company, have signed an agreement allowing Almirall to license 23andMe's biospecific monoclonal antibody designed to block all three members of the IL-36 cytokine subfamily. IL-36 is part of the IL-1 cyto...


  • 23andMe Presents Research Highlights from 2019

    Jan 23

    23andMe presented their research highlights from 2019. The highlights include ongoing collaborations, research, some of their published work, and other initiatives. In 2019, 23andMe scientists have published more than 20 papers. Those papers covered a wide range of topics, including genetics of certain rare genetic conditions, of same-sex s...


  • Top Two DNA Kits

    Dec 23

    With the wide variety of available DNA kits you might wonder which are considered the top two DNA kits out of the top five selling kits offered. There were two services which consistently led all assessments by other surveyors, while also offering strong privacy options and a large sample size. These top two had their services examined for not o...


  • 23andMe Shares Stance on Protecting Customers’ Data

    Nov 21

    23andMe has opinions about GEDmatch's decision to allow law enforcement to search its database. In a blog post written by 23andMe's Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer, Kathy Hibbs, the company discusses the problems it sees with GEDmatch and clarifies its own stance on protecting customers' data. The 23andMe blog post starts with: “A Flor...


  • 23andMe’s Ancestry Service Update Adds Diversity

    Oct 15

    23andMe has updated its ancestry offerings, adding new populations in South Asia, North Africa, and western Asia, as well as an innovative new tree. This update expands the number of regions covered worldwide to more than 1,500, and introduces a new Family Tree builder that is automatically assembled based on a customer's DNA. The update wi...


  • Study Provides Insight Into Genetics of Same-Sex Behavior

    Sep 5

    23andMe reported that a new genome-wide association study (GWAS) involving more than 490,000 individuals, including 75,000 23andMe customers who consented to research, offers an intriguing glimpse into the complexity of sexual behavior.  23andMe points out that the study found thousands of genetic variants with very, very, small affects o...


  • New Ways to Save on 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service

    Aug 15

    23andMe pointed out that a ruling by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) now allows for money set aside in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) to be used to purchase the health-related information provided through 23andMe's Health + Ancestry Service. 23andMe recommend you check with your specific FSA/HSA benefit...