• Use of Snuff

    Apr 29

    When one looks at the beginnings of tobacco (1600s into 1700s) from the early Americas, it was grown and exported to Europe. But for years tobacco was not smoked as cigarettes. It was used in different ways, such as in a pipe or later a cigar but what was really popular was using tobacco as snuff. It was not just in European countries but location...


  • Irish Heritage

    Mar 17

    To define who is 'Irish', it is thought that the Irish are an ethnic group whose ancestors originally lived on the island of Ireland and most of the Celtic and Gaelic people. Now today and for some years back there are two parts to that island – The Republic of Ireland (an independent nation) and 'Northern Ireland' is part of the United Kingdom ...


  • Your Ancestors during the Worst Years in American History

    Jan 15

    Here is a listing of major crises and events that occurred during the lifetimes of your ancestors. It would be important for future generations to know which of just these top events affected your ancestors. This list represents just some of the top worst events in American history. Each would be easy enough to do further research on to add...


  • Oct 6 – German-American Day

    Oct 5

    This day of German American day has officially been part of the National Calendar since 1987, when President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5719 declaring October 6th to officially be known as German American Day. There are approximately 58 million people can claim German ancestry in the United States today. It was October 6, 1683 that ...


  • 1950 Census Questions

    Aug 9

    Coming soon, in the spring of April 2022 — the Census of 1950 will become available to the public. This first census was taken after the end of World War II (1945) and will offer a picture of Americans in the postwar years of explosive growth and change. Many Americans were born in those post-war years, known as 'baby boomers'. You might b...


  • Photos Across America 1977 to 1996

    Jul 15

    A photographer, Barry L. Gleller, from Oregon, traveled across America and into Canada from the mid-1970s until the mid-1990 (during the months of May and August) taking photos of businesses, factories, churches, street scenes, offices, shops, especially in smaller towns in the nation. However, there are many shots of L.A. And San Francisco. His co...


  • List of Vintage English Occupations

    Jul 9

    Some of the names for occupations of our ancestors can be quite confusing, trying to guess what that job entailed. You might have seen a job name on a census record, listed in a city directory, on some documents or records and not have a clue to what it was. Online with the Family Researcher of the U. K. (copyright by Jane Hewitt) they have compil...


  • National Trails Day

    Jun 3

    America has always and still is a collection of trails, starting from the Atlantic coastline across the nation to the Pacific. Your ancestors at some point followed some trail, either by walking, in a wagon, on horses, by railroad or in a car to some other location in America. They may have gone on a business trip, a pleasure trip to visit family o...


  • Executions 1608-2002

    Dec 19

    Yes, they have existed in America from the early 1600s. Some of the most famous were the hangings for those being declared witches in Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1690s. However, witchcraft hangings in some of the other colonies, such as Connecticut in the 1640s to 1660s totaled seven of males and females. Any in the 1600s or 1700s would have ...


  • Hotel and Restaurant Menus of the 19th Century

    Dec 11

    The University of Houston has made available in digital format and placed online their collection of hotel, restaurant and steamship menus from across the country dating from the mid-1800s. What an opportunity to view the type of foods prepared and served to any of our ancestors who had the opportunity to eat at a restaurant or while traveling on...