• Women’s Occupations by Another Name

    Jun 26

    Our mothers, grandmothers, great aunts have come a long way in the number and types of occupations available to women over the decades. However, even in 2013 there are still some positions very limited in numbers due to them still being male dominated - example being professional horse racing jockeys. To better know some of the types of occupati...


  • Genealogy Roadshow in July

    Jun 24

    This summer, beginning in July, a new genealogical show will be filmed which combines the popular Antiques Roadshow shown on PBS with the growing interest in family history research. The new television show, starting during the fall lineup, also to be shown on PBS, is named 'Genealogy Roadshow'. The show producers will be filming in Detroit, Michig...


  • Family History Books & Family Trees

    Jun 20

    Someone may have researched and written a family tree and / or history in the 1800s or early 1900s. How would you ever locate such a tree or family book? The has some 40,000 written publications of family history books in digital form online at their site. If you have not reviewed the listing in awhile, you will need to see what i...


  • Old-Time Terms for Illnesses / Diseases

    Jun 18

    The medical profession has changed greatly over the last 200 years. Doctors' knowledge of the human body and diseases has increased and that includes changes to the names for certain medical conditions and diseases. So when you see a term for an illness an ancestor suffered or died from, you do need some explanation of what that old-time term might...


  • Missouri Digital Records

    Jun 14

    The 'Show Me State' is Missouri in the heartlands of the America. This area became one of the major settlements for frontier pioneers in the 1830s to 1850s. You could easily have numerous ancestors who lived in Missouri at one time or another. To assist those researching the State of Missouri has many of their archives in digital form and online...


  • Photos—Historical Society of Palm Beach

    Jun 4

    Any ancestors from the southeast portion of Florida? The Historical Society of Palm Beach (the county is Palm Beach - with cities such as Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Delray, etc.) has placed a large collection of some vintage images of the county of Palm Beach over the decades. Your ancestors may not have lived there, but a good possibility they m...


  • Slaveholders

    May 27

    The online repository known as 'Our Black Ancestry' (OBA) has placed a large collection of records that provides the names of people who held slaves in mid-1800s in America. The site has tabs at the top broken down into categories. There are 'Slaveholders by Surname', 'Slaveholders by County', then 'Shared Legacies'. To assist with further resea...


  • Ancestrial Handwriting – Spencerian Script

    Apr 27

    With handwriting nearly a lost art and less being used and taught in schools due to the use of texting and computers, it is fascinating to look back at the type of handwriting style script your ancestors were taught and used in the 1800s and in the first half of the 20th century. It is called Spencerian Script. This style of handwriting was es...


  • Civil War Photos

    Feb 22

    With the the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War (1861-1865), people are infatuated with finding as much information as possible. They are interested not only in the events, battles, people, Lincoln assassination, etc. during those years, but mostly learning if they had any relatives involved with the war directly related or part of the ex...


  • 100th Anniversary of a Town / City

    Feb 3

    Every year there are countless celebrations and anniversaries of towns, cities, counties, and historical events across America. Between 2011 and 2015 the country has and will be holding many programs to recount the people and events surrounding the American Civil War and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Such programs which include ...