• Smithsonian Images

    Jan 31

    The Smithsonian Institute has made available 36 major sets of images from their massive collection. The topics covered are as varied as the Smithsonian Museum is itself. Each set is in a folder, label with a title and how many images in each set. Some of the more intriguing topics are Timothy H. O'Sullivan, who first worked with Matthew Brady, t...


  • Any Ancestors in Federal Prisons?

    Jan 23

    Yes, that could be a possibly, a relative who was tried in a US Federal Court, found guilty and had to serve their sentence in a Federal operated prison could be on your family tree. A Federal crime could involved embezzlement, espionage, drugs, forgery, bank robbery, counterfeiting money, a crime on the high seas, crime against US Post Office, ass...


  • Menus and Photos 1851 to 1930

    Dec 30

    In a past Genealogical Blog, I had written about cruise lines, railroad and airlines menus and locating them online in a digital format. The New York Public Library has an even greater collection of menus from restaurants, hotels, banquet rooms all over New York and other locations – also in digital format. It is the Miss F...


  • Family Photo Albums & Hometowns

    Dec 24

    A perfect opportunity to identify photos in family albums is during the holiday week when you can visit with relatives. Never attempt to label all the photos, but even a handful will help you later in some additional research. If you are going to a relative's house and they don't have any family photos and you do, bring them along. Share them with ...


  • Google Newspapers Around the Globe

    Dec 20

    The search engine on the Internet is a valuable tool. One of the most well-known and innovated search engines is Google. It can be extremely useful for family history research. Their newspaper collections are outstanding. Since newspaper, big and small circulation are the window to a community, the use of newspaper articles for family research has ...


  • The Fun Our Ancestors Had in 1880s

    Dec 9

    Knowing more about the types of interests and sources of entertainment for our ancestors really adds to getting to know our relatives. One very popular and fashionable form of entertainment actually came about due to the improvement in 1884 of ball-bearing roller skates. With superior development in the skates, the public roller or skating rinks s...


  • Dallas Cemeteries

    Nov 29

    Everything is big in Texas and especially in the city of Dallas. It is located in the northeast corner of Texas and has a long history. The city today is about 365 square miles in land size and over 6.3 million in population making it the ninth largest city in the United States. An early settlement established by John Neely Bryan in 1841 was the bi...


  • Slave Insurance Registry

    Nov 20

    It is said anything can be insured for the right premium. Well, this was the case even for slaveholders of the southern states in the first half of the 19th century. Recently several of the archives from the old established insurance companies from the 1800s have been discovered by present-day insurance companies. In these archives was documentati...


  • Great Lakes Maritime Database

    Nov 10

    The five Great Lakes in the United States (Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario) and bordered by part of Canada has been an essential source of transportation since the 18th century. Many people have made their livelihood from the ports and the shipping of goods and people across the various Great Lakes. The information from records relatin...


  • Pittsburgh-Steel City and More

    Oct 4

    In the western portion of Pennsylvania is the city of Pittsburgh with a long history. When some of the earliest pioneers settled in that area in the mid-1700s, it was truly the frontier of America. If you have any ancestor who once lived and worked in Pittsburgh, you will want to investigate the online site on 'Historic Pittsburgh' which draws fr...