• Japanese Immigration

    Sep 30

    Many immigrates from countless nations have come to the American shores to start a new life over the centuries. Usually people think of the immigrants coming from Europe, but Asian nations have many of their former citizens coming to the United States for a fresh start. One such group are the Japanese who starting arriving to America in the 1880s....


  • National Hispanic Heritage Month

    Sep 13

    From mid-September to mid-October, this time period annually is set aside to recognize the achievements and accomplishments of those Americans with an Hispanic heritage. There will be numerous programs put on by the Library of Congress, National Archives, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution, National Endowment for the Humanities and the ...


  • The Railroad Systems That Moved America

    Aug 25

    If you have never rode on any of America’s railroad systems, certainly your parents, grandparents and other ancestors more than likely did use the railroad system at least once in their life.  The rail system was the lifeline across the country for passengers, food supplies, mail and freight before highway vehicles and airplanes became the domin...


  • Find A Grave

    Jul 14

    If you have not tried using the Internet site ‘Find A Grave’ make sure you add that right away to your ‘to-do’ list.  It is maintained by volunteers who set up a memorial to family members, friends or even strangers who have passed away.  What information including photos placed on the memorial can be shared with people around the globe. ...


  • Historical Celebrations & Events on the 4th of July

    Jul 4

    The country marks the 4th of July every year to celebrate America’s independence.  What types of celebrations and significant events on July 4th might our ancestors experienced over the decades? First, not until the independence was won could the new country really rejoice. So the first country-wide party marking the independence was July 4, ...


  • Events that Affected Ancestors on July 2nd

    Jul 2

    It was 236 years ago that things in the colonial America changed forever. Those events in turn changed the lives of so many of our ancestors.  Not just those who lived the times of 1776, but the thousands who were born afterwards in a new country, the United States.  Even greater were those ancestors living in another country who would themsel...


  • New Mexico Death Index

    Jun 2

    The family legends were that Uncle Joe moved out to the southwest portion of the United States in the 1890s and no one has heard from him since. That can be a typical tale and one that can be a long standing mystery to the family and for the genealogist. One of the areas that many individuals went to resettle in the last half of the 19th century an...


  • Surprises Going Through Old Newspapers

    May 19

    They may have been originally meant to be discarded once they were read, but having the availability of old newspapers, either in print or digital format, has proved to be a super resource in doing one’s family history.  The newspaper, from small town to the cities, has continued to serve as a window into the community, the state, nation and lif...


  • May Day

    May 1

    The first day of May, the date traditionally recognized by many cultures as the beginning of the Spring season. However, there are many other events noted for the first of May, most which comes from other ethnic groups. See if you recognize any of these May 1st celebrations? The traveling circuses around the globe traditionally started their seaso...


  • Old Maps of the World

    Apr 21

    As you have collected information on your ancestors, the places (towns, cities, counties, provinces, states and countries) they have lived in over the decades it can become a bit confusing, less of course your have a degree in geography.  Most people are usually unfamiliar with most locations outside of any places they have lived in themselves.  ...