• Census Reporter

    Sep 25

    We love using the state and US Federal censuses - filled with information. Now online is a special site to help you make a little more sense of the info in the census especially related to the people in the family hometown. It won't answer all your questions about your grandparents, but will provide insight to their hometown today. It does not go b...


  • Family Secrets – What to Do?

    Sep 19

    As you proceed through your family history research, you will already have heard about or even come across what can be called 'Family Secrets'. They were generally the forbidden family subjects, not to be spoken or written about for generations. However, as you work on your family tree, each person should count and not just as a name and date, b...


  • Early Oregon-‘Go West’

    Sep 15

    'Go west young man' was the popular saying of the 1850s-1890s and for many individuals and families that meant going to the Pacific west coast of the United States and settling in Oregon. A special route was established known as the Oregon Trail, which provided the safest path to the west. It went from eastern Kansas, some 2,200 miles, to the Pacif...


  • Remembering 9/11 Anniversaries

    Sep 11

    This is the 13th anniversary of 9/11 -- the tragedy terrorist destruction of people and buildings when planes hit the two World Trade Centers in NYC, the Pentagon in Washington, DC and brought another plane down over Pennsylvania. Altogether, with the police and firemen who tried to save the victims, just under 3,000 died that day. Everyone knows w...


  • Think Outside the Box. Genealogy Research Tips.

    Sep 7

    That is what you need to do to find any and all available resources that might have information on your ancestors. The following are a few such ideas: (Family ranch brand, drivers license, and the Federal Writer's Project) If your family had a ranch, do check the state recorder of marks and brands. It was later titled the Livestock Board. Here w...


  • Abbreviations of Occupations

    Sep 5

    You found this great city directory of the hometown where your ancestors lived decades ago. There are several you are looking up to learn where they lived and what job they held. Then you see abbreviations for many of those jobs. What do they mean?? For example, there could be 'slsmn' - here the vowels for the word were removed. Put the letters ba...


  • Copyright Photos

    Sep 3

    We all love to add photos to the family tree / scrapbook / history of our ancestors when we can locate them. However, there arises the question of copyright to photos. The law protecting the creator of a photo is copyright law. The first thing to determine is approximately when the photo was produced, especially if it was done in a professional ...


  • Archives for Minnesota

    Aug 31

    The Minnesota Historic Society are online, free for anyone with interest in any ancestors who lived or worked in Minnesota. This site has images of artifacts, photographs, works of art, copies of documents / manuscripts, and maps. It is not the entire collection held by the Minnesota Historic Society, but more will be added in the future. Use th...


  • Add an Ancestor’s Portrait on

    Aug 29

    The term 'Portrait Pedigree' is the newest addition to It is a method in a vertical format to add portraits of your ancestors to the family tree. Nothing finer than having the brief information on an ancestor along with their portrait. The program allows you to switch between those trees with a portrait, the fa...


  • To Use or Not to Use

    Aug 21

    You found on the Internet or in a book; photos, written material, a family tree, illustrations, etc. that fit with your family lineage. The question arises, are you free to use that material? It is all covered by copyright laws. From the U.S. Copyright Office: "The term of copyright for a particular work depends on several factors, including wh...