• National Teacher Day

    May 7

    In 2017, National Teacher Day is May 9th. It is the Tuesday of the first full week of May. Teachers certainly are among the most deserving individuals over the decades. This day honors those hard working, patient and understanding people whom we entrust our children to. Teachers mold our kids in a positive direction, affecting who they are and who...


  • MacGregors of Scotland

    Mar 15

    Could you believe that a surname and the people attached to that name could be 'banned'? Well, it did happen to the Scottish highland clan surname of MacGregor, including the spelling form of McGregor and Gregor. In 1603 the new king to the English throne was King James IV of Scotland, becoming King James I. Scotland was divided at the time into c...


  • Your Ancestors Used Those Words?

    Jan 3

    Just like many things (buildings, technology, food, clothing styles, transportation, etc), words and phrases change over the years.   One area to have changed a good deal are the use of certain words and what they meant. Since the United States was a British colony for decades, many of their words and phrases were also used in America. There a...


  • A Little Productive Time Pays Dividends

    Dec 31

    For the new year here are ideas to increase your knowledge of your ancestors. How about setting aside a short period of time once a week, every other weekend or even once a month to do some research on your family tree? Here are a few approaches: Create a 'To-Do List' - start with just a few of the resources (census, state archives, military reco...


  • Requesting a Copy of an Ancestor’s SS Application

    Nov 5

    In your collection of vital records on the family ancestors, make sure you do get a copy of each one's Social Security application. This document was completed by your ancestor when they first applied for social security card. For some relatives that could have been in the late 1930s. If you are looking for a relative who died before the late 1930s...


  • National ‘Neither Snow Nor Rain’ Day

    Sep 7

    This national holiday, September 7th, is known by everyone in the United States -- it is the US Postal Service. You have heard that slogan, 'Neither Snow nor Rain' stops the mail from going through. This holiday date was selected because on this date, Sept. 7, 1914, the New York Post Office opened. What makes the event unique is the inscription ...


  • Database for Union Army Grave Sites

    Aug 1

    Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War has an online site of burial locations of veterans of the Union Army from the American Civil War that covers across the nation and is searchable. It even has the listings for burial sites for Union veterans buried overseas. There are 96 civil war veterans buried in Australia, plus the other nations with forme...


  • Giving Up Too Easily??

    Jul 7

    So you thought you could instantly find everything about your ancestors and create a wonderful, complete family tree. Well, anything worth it's while, does take time. Today, everything is instant, but you have to remember that there are so many years, events, dates, tales, names that helped bring you to where you are now in your life, it can not be...


  • Every Name

    Jul 1

    Besides censuses, vital records, photos, family Bible, another resource is a hometown county history. Your ancestors didn't have to be famous in the town, they could have owned and operated a simple shop providing some needed service. This would have made them important enough to be included in a town or county history. Using the free online 'Ever...


  • Royal Navy – UK – World War I

    Jun 23

    If you had ancestors living in the United Kingdom from approximately 1900 to 1930, they may have served in the British military because the 'Great War' - World War One was fought then. Of course, you might think only of the army for an ancestor’s service, but many were part of the Royal Navy. Available now online, free to use are the records, ab...