• National ‘Neither Snow Nor Rain’ Day

    Sep 7

    This national holiday, September 7th, is known by everyone in the United States -- it is the US Postal Service. You have heard that slogan, 'Neither Snow nor Rain' stops the mail from going through. This holiday date was selected because on this date, Sept. 7, 1914, the New York Post Office opened. What makes the event unique is the inscription ...


  • Database for Union Army Grave Sites

    Aug 1

    Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War has an online site of burial locations of veterans of the Union Army from the American Civil War that covers across the nation and is searchable. It even has the listings for burial sites for Union veterans buried overseas. There are 96 civil war veterans buried in Australia, plus the other nations with forme...


  • Giving Up Too Easily??

    Jul 7

    So you thought you could instantly find everything about your ancestors and create a wonderful, complete family tree. Well, anything worth it's while, does take time. Today, everything is instant, but you have to remember that there are so many years, events, dates, tales, names that helped bring you to where you are now in your life, it can not be...


  • Every Name

    Jul 1

    Besides censuses, vital records, photos, family Bible, another resource is a hometown county history. Your ancestors didn't have to be famous in the town, they could have owned and operated a simple shop providing some needed service. This would have made them important enough to be included in a town or county history. Using the free online 'Ever...


  • Royal Navy – UK – World War I

    Jun 23

    If you had ancestors living in the United Kingdom from approximately 1900 to 1930, they may have served in the British military because the 'Great War' - World War One was fought then. Of course, you might think only of the army for an ancestor’s service, but many were part of the Royal Navy. Available now online, free to use are the records, ab...


  • Middle Names

    Mar 5

    You might not be able to find your ancestor's middle name because they never had one. Recall the first US President, George Washington - he had no middle name. It was not common practice in the 1700s and into the 1800s for the use of middle names. Then there was President Harry S. Truman. He had only a middle initial which did not stand for a mid...


  • Your Ancestor’s Profile

    Jan 25

    As you gather information on your ancestors, building the family tree, it is a great adventure ever so often to focus on just one ancestor or a married couple. Here you really go in depth to learn everything possible about a specific ancestor. You would be creating a detailed profile. So how do you begin? If you have the basic known information ...


  • What Our Ancestors Had

    Sep 19

      You have reviewed many time periods and there will many things in our ancestors' daily life, quite different from the 21st century! One of the most interesting due to all the changes that our ancestor's witnessed are any of your relatives born between 1895 and 1905 - right at the beginning of the 20th century. By combining some history yo...


  • Social Security Application with Details

    Sep 1

    Having an official document directly filled out by a specific ancestor can provide so much information. One of the best examples is the original application a person filled out for the Social Security Administration. For the date they completed the application will be about names, addresses, occupation, birth date, exact place of birth, the mothe...


  • Info in World War One Draft Cards

    Aug 29

    With Europe at war during what was called 'The Great War' beginning in 1914, America felt it needed to be prepared to expand their army if called on. So a special draft registration form was created for males born from September 11, 1872 to September 12, 1900. It didn't matter if they were born in a different country, if they were living in Ameri...