• Brooklyn, NY Made Digital

    Oct 22

    Are you from Brooklyn, did you have relatives who lived or worked in Brooklyn, New York? Seeing it has been a large community for decades, it is very possible you do have one or more ancestors from Brooklyn. It is one of the five boroughs of New York City with a population now of about 2.5 million in a land area of about 71 square miles. With the ...


  • HathiTrust Digital Library

    Jul 22

    The ability to have digital copies of books and newsletters, especially those with family history, to be viewed on your computer, is invaluable. The HathiTrust Digital Library has such a digital preservation collection. The digital books on 'Google Books' are an excellent source, but here is yet another resource to use. These books in the HathiTr...


  • Russian Photos 1907-1915

    May 17

    The Library of Congress acquired in the late 1940s a large collection of glass plates / negatives of photos done in the early 1900s of Russian scenes. They were done by Prokudin-Gorskii during the time the Russian Empire still existed. He had even been known as the photographer to Russian Tsar Nicholas II. With the downfall of the royal empire...


  • Photo Help in Reverse

    May 15

    There is a new web site available, called TinEye, that is a search engine which uses reverse images to location similar images. Instead of placing a keyword, surname or place you download a digital image. The results can help you find out where that image came from, how it is being used, if there are higher and larger version of the images and if ...


  • Avoid Becoming Frustrated

    May 13

    Being aware of the positive collection of family history information that can be gathered along with the 'pitfalls' can ease the possibility of becoming frustrated doing research. The following are some ideas to help keep you on the right track and not become annoyed. Step one is to always begin with what is known---mostly yourself. Have yourse...


  • Believing a Tombstone

    May 9

    In gathering and reviewing numerous resources for your family history you sometimes wish there was one source you could count on as always accurate in the information provided. You would think a birth certificate would be right but it is only as precise as the person providing the information or the people receiving the info. That factor is true i...


  • Ancestral Fantasy Photos

    May 7

    There are many various forms of what can be described as 'fantasy photos' relating to your family tree. Our ancestors use to have it done quite often. If there was a family group photograph and if a family relative couldn't be present to be in the group photo, a separate photo was taken at another time or one that was already been done and the pho...


  • Study An Ancestral Hometown

    May 3

    A really unusual online database of information on ancestral homelands is titled "One Place Studies". Its purpose is to gather and share information about as many villages, towns, cities, so that those researching their own family ancestral places and not living there can have a much better idea what that place is like and especially how it was wh...


  • Images of African-Americans in the 19th – 20th Centuries

    May 1

    The photo collections from the Library of Congress, Emory University, Library of Congress and others have made them possible to view online through a couple different locations. For those who have the subscription, the collection of photos of African-Americans covering 1850 to 2000 is now available. The site is easy to search, with key...


  • Forgotten European Airfields

    Apr 29

    With two major world wars fought in Europe during the twentieth century and the development and use of all types of aircraft, European airfield were very important. There are the big commercial airfields in Paris and London and other locations across Europe, but more than likely your ancestors who were involved in either war and stationed in Europe...