• Believing a Tombstone

    May 9

    In gathering and reviewing numerous resources for your family history you sometimes wish there was one source you could count on as always accurate in the information provided. You would think a birth certificate would be right but it is only as precise as the person providing the information or the people receiving the info. That factor is true i...


  • Ancestral Fantasy Photos

    May 7

    There are many various forms of what can be described as 'fantasy photos' relating to your family tree. Our ancestors use to have it done quite often. If there was a family group photograph and if a family relative couldn't be present to be in the group photo, a separate photo was taken at another time or one that was already been done and the pho...


  • Study An Ancestral Hometown

    May 3

    A really unusual online database of information on ancestral homelands is titled "One Place Studies". Its purpose is to gather and share information about as many villages, towns, cities, so that those researching their own family ancestral places and not living there can have a much better idea what that place is like and especially how it was wh...


  • Images of African-Americans in the 19th – 20th Centuries

    May 1

    The photo collections from the Library of Congress, Emory University, Library of Congress and others have made them possible to view online through a couple different locations. For those who have the subscription, the collection of photos of African-Americans covering 1850 to 2000 is now available. The site is easy to search, with key...


  • Forgotten European Airfields

    Apr 29

    With two major world wars fought in Europe during the twentieth century and the development and use of all types of aircraft, European airfield were very important. There are the big commercial airfields in Paris and London and other locations across Europe, but more than likely your ancestors who were involved in either war and stationed in Europe...


  • Scottish World War I Photos

    Apr 19

    Within the National Library of Scotland it offers online a nice collection of photographic images from the World War I time period (1914 to 1919). They were originally taken by various British photographers out on the Western Front during the war. There are nine categories with numerous images within each. Some of the more interesting images a...


  • Abandoned & Little Known Airfields in USA

    Apr 15

    So many of our ancestors were involved with aviation over the last 100 years; especially those who worked on the plane to build them, the mechanics or the pilots during World War I, World War II and Korean War. There is an interesting site titled “Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields” in the United States. The site has for each of the 50 sta...


  • Ohio Born and Bred

    Apr 11

    The Ohio Historical Society and the State Library of Ohio have joined forces to place online a massive collection of documents, records and photos, known as Ohio Memories, relating to Ohio. If you ever had an ancestor who was born, lived, or worked in Ohio you will want to review this site. The selection of categories include manuscripts, docum...


  • The New Deal and Our Ancestors

    Apr 9

    Many of our recent ancestors and relatives lived through America's Great Depression and the Roosevelt's New Deal program. Most people today are aware of the massive economic collapse (1929-1933) across the country during those years of the Great Depression, but few really understand what the New Deal (1933-1938) was comprised of for our ancestors. ...


  • Wand Scanning Family Photos and Documents

    Apr 1

    With today's technology there is no reason why many or most of our ancestor's one of a kind collection of photos, causal candid or formal portraits, along with some non-replaceable documents, journals and records can not be 'saved' in a digital format. True, if something happens to the original wedding portrait of your great grandmother, it can be ...