• Maryland Death Certificates – 1898-1910

    Sep 29

    If you have any ancestors who may have died in Maryland and the death certificate record is available online. This online site begins May 1898 and not as many were done prior to 1898. It is interesting to learn what an ancestor died of. Plus it is a good way to see the correct spelling of a name, a close relative or their age at death. ...


  • Slang Over the Decades – 20th Century

    Sep 27

    During the 20th century the various slang words have changed as the American culture and society have changed. Slang words are words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people. In the 1920s: Ritzy was something very fa...


  • Reasons Ancestors Left Their Native Homeland

    Sep 25

    It is a very good item, ancestral homelands, you should try to figure out for your family history. Leaving not only family homeland, but leaving everything behind including other family members was never an easy decision. So here are a few suggestions for the reason why different groups left to come to America. Those from Ireland...


  • States’ Death Certificates

    Sep 23

    It is good to have bookmarked the up-to-date online digitized death certificates, death records or death ledgers from the various states. Some of the databases are free, some are fee-based. Each state is different on which time frames for death certificates they will allow online. You will find some like Massachusetts covers 1841 to 1915, p...


  • Life and Experiences of the 1910s

    Sep 21

    The decade of the 1910s was such a transition time in America. New inventions were starting to appear in communities and homes, slowing. It would be a decade of a world war and of a global pandemic. Here are a few items and events to make sure you place in the family history for ancestors who lived during the 1910s. For me it was my gran...


  • Vintage Hairstyles and Make-up 1920-1960s

    Sep 19

    Each decade had its own styles in clothing, hair and make-up. That is what makes it easier to identify a decade for a photograph by looking at hairstyles, clothing and make-up of the ladies. The flapper age of the 1920’s, the 1930’s Hollywood look, the pin-ups of the 1940’s, the golden glamour of the 1950’s, then the mod-look o...


  • Foreign-Born Americans as WW One Soldiers

    Sep 17

    The 'Great War' aka World War One, had been going on for a few years before the United States entered in April 1917, sent troops against the Germans. It is believed seeing the final outcome, the war would have probably ended in a German victory, or sputtered to a stalemate, leaving the Germans in possession of much of France, Belgium and Ru...


  • Life in 1900 was Strange

    Sep 15

    Wouldn't you like to be able to talk with any of your ancestors who lived as adults in 1900, some 120 years ago? Life was so different then, think of learning what their life was life, whether they lived in a city, town or farm. You could share with them all the advances in technology and the achievements of the descendants. Yet, one of t...


  • Canning – Mason & Ball Jars

    Sep 13

    Everyone has to remember their mother, aunt, grandmother or great aunt doing canning – preserving fruits and vegetables that can be stored safely on the shelf until needed by the family. Some members of the family today may have taken up growing vegetables in a home garden and canning them for future use which is the best method. Well, t...


  • Finding Children In-Between Census Years

    Sep 11

    Maybe one of the hardest items to research, mostly you may not even know about a specific individual ever existed. Infant and child mortality was high in the years of 1700s to 1940s. Visit any older cemetery and you find many infants and children did not survive past childhood. You might think checking the US Federal or State Census ...