• Using a Mobile App

    Apr 9

    For those with a Smart Phone / I-Phone, you can have easy access to your family tree information. Using the App is considered one of the best to use. Right at your fingertips, you will view any new information or hints / clues that come in about your ancestors. There might even be an unknown photo available. With a lit...


  • BMD – UK Records

    Apr 7

    There is available the FreeBMD project for births, marriage and deaths in England and Wales. The records begin 1837 and cover to 1992. Note, not every date and year are completed yet, but they are being worked on, last updated on March 12, 2020. There are nearly 359 million records. Even if you had researched this source years ago, remem...


  • Family Historians in 2092 Won’t Have Much

    Mar 29

    Yes, this is a US Federal Census year. Hopefully, everyone is counted, hard to predict now with the COVID virus-19 across the nation. But if everyone is finally counted for 2020, descendants and other researchers 72 years from now, year 2092, when the 2020 census information is released, will find much less family information compared to oth...


  • Using Facebook – Family Hometowns & Surnames

    Mar 27

    Facebook is a vast social media source – a method to connect to many people across the nation and the globe. By connecting you might locate information, records or photos related to your ancestors. With Facebook there are many categories – hometowns, states, counties, cities along with a vast listing of surnames (just not all surnames)...


  • Explore

    Mar 25

    While many of us are home now due to the virus 19 crisis, this can be a great opportunity to really take time to explore and research specific databases. If you have not recently spent a good deal of time using – now is the time. Remember to sign-in or create an account – then begin. Going to the 'Search' portion is...


  • How Did A Couple Meet?

    Mar 23

    Don't miss an opportunity to answer this family question. The best source is the couple themselves or at least one of the spouses. This should also be answered by yourself – the researcher, write of how you met your spouse. Even if a couple separated or divorced, the information on how they met should be noted. There can be some really i...


  • Present-day Famous Irish Descendants

    Mar 19

    If you have even a 'little Irish' as part of your heritage you will be interested in seeing which famous individuals also have a claim to Irish heritage. Some names include: Meryl Streep, John Travolta, Taylor Swift, Ben Stiller, Jack Nicholson and Mariah Carey to name a few. A few you might never have guessed they had Irish heritage, b...


  • Databases for Illinois Ancestors

    Mar 15

    The state of Illinois has assembled a nice collection of databases that can assist you, especially if one or more of your ancestors spent any time in Illinois. Their Databases of Veterans is impressive covering the Black Hawk War, War of 1812, Civil War, Mexican War and Spanish-American War. Plus there are some additional items included s...


  • Focus on One Ancestor – Good or Bad

    Mar 11

    All of us have quite a few multifaceted ancestors covering the decades, some who had some great achievements and some who had a poor reputation. Each is interesting and should be investigated to learn for future generations their full life story. The best approach as you have done some family history is which one ancestor really caught yo...


  • Importance of the US Census

    Mar 9

    The first census in U.S. history took place in 1790, and it continues today. The census is conducted every decade (10-year counts), meaning if your ancestors lived in America (states and territories) as of 1790 or after, then it’s likely they’re in the U.S. Census. Such a treasure chest of information. Only problem, not every person's name wa...