• Map Puzzles

    Jun 13

    You and your family may be part of the new wave of home entertainment – jigsaw puzzles. It was figured that U.S. sales leaped by 300 percent or more compared to the same time last year. The puzzle images can be anything but one of the long time popular ones having been map puzzles. Their popularity goes back for centuries. What made...


  • Effect of the Erie Canal

    Jun 11

    You may not realize what new technology, method of transportation, invention or new social idea could have had a direct effect on any of your ancestors. An example would be the invention and expansion of the American railroad system. That could have served as the very reason an ancestor decided to travel to a new region in America because t...


  • Your Ancestors Knew These Facts

    Jun 9

    Sometimes there are everyday items that today we don't understand why it happens. Yet, our ancestors generally, even if uneducated knew the reason and why. Here are some examples of some interesting facts known by your ancestors: Three items: Juicy Fruit gum, an early version of Cracker Jack, and the Ferris Wheel all made their debuts a...


  • Mid-Term 1918 Elections

    Jun 7

    There can be made many comparisons to life and events that shaped our ancestors' lives in 1918 to present-day times. One major was the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, with the first wave in America in the spring of 1918 then the far more deadly second wave in the Fall of 1918. For example, just in the month of October 1918, some 195,000 Americ...


  • Silhouettes

    Jun 3

    The invention of photography did not come about until the 1840s. So the only method to preserve an image of a loved one was by having an artist paint a portrait or make a sculpture (very costly) or to have a silhouette (a profile outline) of the person done by a silhouette artist (less expensive). This artist could paint the black facial and...


  • Scots Language

    May 29

    Part of one's family heritage is a native language. It doesn't mean you have to be fluent in an ancestral language but be aware of it and maybe a few key phrases. An example of a couple of declining languages includes Scottish Gaelic which has become the figurehead for minority languages in Scotland. This is sensible; it is a very old and ...


  • Victorian Homes

    May 27

    In the United Kingdom along with its former colonies, the style of home construction known as Victorian generally means any house built during the reign of Queen Victoria (the 1840-1900). In the United States, Victorian house styles include Second Empire, Queen Anne, Stick (and Eastlake Stick), Shingle, Richardsonian Romanesque, and others. Ar...


  • Civil War Wounds

    May 25

    As we remember this Memorial Day the countless Americans over the decades who have served in the military and 'gave their all' to this country, and as you examine your own ancestors, here is one event from the era of the American Civil War (1861-1865) not known as well. With the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee, in April 1862, the battle p...


  • Ouija Board

    May 23

    With America entering 'The Great War' (WW One) in April 1917 and then by early 1918 and again late 1918 – many Americans dying due to fighting overseas or due to the Spanish Flu pandemic. Besides the loss of countless individuals, most were in their 20s to age 40 (military and flu victims). Left behind were many parents, children, and spou...


  • School Lunches

    May 21

    National School Lunch Act was signed in 1946, the country’s first school food programs began decades earlier, in the immigrant tenements of turn-of-the-century cities. In these early lunchrooms, diversity ruled. However, not just in large cities but in smaller towns of the 1920s also began added serving lunch daily for students. From 18...