• Snack Foods From 1910s – 1970s

    Oct 29

    Everyone has their favorite snacks, even your great grandparents had their favorites. These indulgences are a special treat, something to eat before the bigger daily meal, or a quick pick-me-up. Having snacks has not changed, just which snacks are the most favored at a certain era. Still, a favorite is Oreo Cookies, which came on the market in ...


  • Ancestors’ Halloween Traditions

    Oct 27

    In European counties, the traditions of All Saints Day on Nov. 1st and the tradition of dressing as devils, saints and angels to honor the dead on Nov. 2nd, goes back for decades. In American, Halloween traditions didn't begin until the second half of the 19th century, and the spooky affair went on to become synonymous with parties, parades, treat...


  • Kool-Aid

    Oct 23

    Everyone remembers Kool-Aid, and may still drink it today. It was one of the first drinks that were successfully marketed to kids. Not unlike the grilled cheese sandwich, Kool-Aid went on to appeal not only to children but also adults. It began with a grocer’s son, Edwin Perkins, who became intrigued by the efficiency and many flavors of Jell...


  • Surviving during the Civil War

    Oct 21

    Our ancestors – not just the ones in the military – but those at home – North or South side, had to survive those four years of war at home (1861-1865). It was not easy, some areas suffered more than others. Here are some of the problems during wartime and how our ancestors tried to make the best of what was happening. With the needs of t...


  • Coloring Books

    Oct 17

    The first coloring books were created to teach aristocrats how to paint. The books were made using woodcuts or copper plates, so they were expensive to produce and not usually made for children. However, the invention of the lithograph changed all that. With cheaper production costs, the first children’s coloring book, The Little Folks’ Painti...


  • Sunglasses

    Oct 15

    Everyone has today at least one pair of sunglasses and in many parts of the nation, a person needs several pairs, including the prescription lens. The first mass-manufactured sunglasses were done in 1929. Those early glasses were sold by Sam Foster on the Atlantic City, New Jersey boardwalk. People loved how the glasses protected their eyes at the...


  • Sliced Bread

    Oct 11

    We all take for granted everyday things that in fact are not that old. A good example is the ability to purchase from a store a loaf of bread already sliced and packaged. Sliced bread was first manufactured on July 6, 1928, at Frank Bench’s Chillicothe Baking Company in Chillicothe, Missouri using the machine invented by Otto Frederick Rohwed...


  • Tiffany Girls

    Oct 9

    The famous Tiffany lampshades and other popular items designed and made by Tiffany took many workers to make. Using the finest materials and the popular Art Nouveau movement of the beginning of the 20th century his works consisted of art unto themselves. Many people have owned one or more Tiffany pieces. Girls were hired to work with the fine g...


  • Flip-flops

    Oct 7

    Another item associated with summertime and being on vacation at the beach or lake are flip-flops. Now residents of Florida who have summer almost year-round, wear flip-flops all the time. But most everyone else, these types of shoes are limited to certain places and times. So the beginnings of flip-flops go back to ancient Japan in Asia. Tradi...


  • Sand Pails

    Oct 5

    With Summer over and Fall just beginning, one item traditionally used by your ancestors over the years also gets put away for the season. A fun activity has been trips to the lake or beach. One popular item to bring was the American sand pails. The making of sandcastles, forts, walls with a pail filled with sand was a great activity. Here is how i...