• Get Your Kids to Love Heritage Scrapbooking

    Jun 15

    Every child loves a good story. At least my two little ones do. They like to imagine fairies, and princesses, happy endings, and mysteries. While we may not have fairies and princesses in our family history, we certainly have plenty of mystery, and both happy and sad endings. My father-in-law is a big genealogy buff. He loves it and it is one of...


  • Canadian Roots

    Jun 15

    Those searching any Canadian ancestors will need to review the online database called “Our Roots”.  Because of the United States being bordered with Canada for thousands of miles, over the centuries many Canadians and U. S. citizens have lived for different periods of time in the neighboring country.  Using Our Roots offers online access to s...


  • Your Ancestors Did What for a Living??

    Jun 13

    That can be the immediate response when someone learns your great grandfather was an ‘amanuensis’ or a ‘colporteur.’  There are numerous occupations our ancestors did that had some strange and unusual names.  Many of those jobs do not even exist anymore. The ‘amanuensis’ is what a secretary was referred to as a profession.  The te...


  • Digital Newspapers from New Zealand

    Jun 9

    If you happen to have relatives from New Zealand, the nation southeast of Australia, you are in luck.  There are more than one million pages of digitized New Zealand newspapers and periodicals in a collection which covers the years 1839 to 1945 from 63 publications from all regions of New Zealand. There are additional newspapers covering further y...


  • Life Histories Preserved

    Jun 7

    During the American Depression of the 1930s, the Federal government, under the Works Projects Administration, helped employ many people, especially those with specific skills.  One of those type were writers, those individuals who could interview a person in depth and write their life story. This government funded program not only gave jobs to ...


  • Using the Civil War Union Soldiers Compiled Service Records & Others

    Jun 3

    Recognizing the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War (1861 to 1865) is a wonderful opportunity to investigate any ancestors who participated on either side (Union or Confederate) during that war. However, you might be unsure if any of your ancestors did military service. First, if you have the approximate birth and death ...


  • Putting those Half-Siblings on a Family Tree

    May 30

    The term "half-sibling" is used to represent the family relationship of two or more children who share only one biological parent. One parent due to a divorce or widowhood, may remarry and a child or children are born to this new union. The original or oldest child and any new additions are considered half-siblings; a half-brother or half-sister. C...


  • Is There A Civil War Veteran in Your Tree?

    May 28

    The American Civil War, 1861 to 1865, was one of America’s most bloodiest conflict with brother against brother in many cases. For genealogical researchers it also today one of the most fascinating aspect of looking for ancestors; to see who served on which side and what happened. In beginning any such journey, first list those known ancestors...


  • The Many Forms of Smith

    May 26

    Just about every family history researcher has at least one ancestral branch with the surname of Smith or one of the variations of spellings for the name. Yet the most surprising information to a researcher is that Smith branch may not have had that surname but for a couple generations. This English-based name is not only very common in the Eng...


  • Music Enjoyed by Our Colonial Ancestors

    May 18

    Everyone today has some collection of their favorite music whether it is on CDs, vinyl records, IPod, MP3 player or even the vintage 45 rpm records, to listen and get pleasure from anytime. For our ancestors they also enjoyed music to listen, sing or dance to, but they did not have the technology of the last one hundred years to listen to pieces of...