• The Family Theme

    Mar 29

    It may not have occurred to you but your family lineage may have some type of theme over the decades. Example: your ancestors may have moved every generation to a new frontier area trying to better their life style. Those of course can be the hardest family tree group to trace and keep track of where they lived. Then the family theme of those who ...


  • Unusual and Overlooked Aspects of Ancestors’ Lives

    Mar 25

    Some life events that our ancestors faced from the 18th and 19th century and well into the 20th century people have forgotten about. Here are a few to examine and see if was a factor in the lives of your ancestors. More than likely it was important. Starting with females, they were treated as second-class citizens in many locations. Even if they d...


  • What is Needed in a Family History Book / File?

    Mar 23

    As you research and gather info on ancestors, you do eventually want to create a full family history book or a complete file, whether in print or in digital format. Yet, what is contained in a family history book or file? Here are some suggestions. You don't need all but having as many as possible does enrich the family history for future generati...


  • Being Irish

    Mar 17

    On March 17th - St. Patrick's Day, many people like to be considered Irish to enjoy in the celebration of the day. This holiday -- St Patrick's Day is a global celebration of Irish culture on or around March 17. It particularly remembers St Patrick, one of Ireland's patron saints, who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century. Wi...


  • A Student to Assist

    Mar 13

    With Spring Break across the country, it might be a good time to contact students you know in high school or a university to assist you in your research. You wouldn't have to personally know the students, you might get a referral from a friend or have a notice posted at the school or on a local Facebook page. This includes schools or universities i...


  • What Did an Ancestor Look like without any Known Photos?

    Mar 11

    No idea of what a great grandfather or a cousin looked like, there can be some clues to look for to get a rough idea. If the ancestor served in the military and you can locate any enlistment or discharge documents, there can be written descriptions of the soldier. Any passport issued from the United States, the earlier ones had a description (col...


  • Fields of Honor Database

    Mar 7

    Not every fallen soldier during World War Two who died in battle had their body returned to America for burial. Many families wished their loved one to be buried near where they died. So many American cemeteries were created for such burials in the 1940s. They were located in France, Luxemburg, Belgium and Netherlands. To keep a permanent record o...


  • Additional New Databases – Indiana

    Mar 3

    Again the Indiana Genealogical Society is making digital additional records to be online, this time info on Civil War soldiers and 8 Indiana counties. All of them are free to use. The Civil War data is from GAR - Grand Army of the Republic (Northern veterans) covering encampments meetings, officers and those members who had died at a specific date...


  • Finding Ancestors in Newspapers

    Mar 1

    To locate any print newspaper articles relating to your ancestors, start where they lived is number ONE. Look back over birth and marriage certificates, check a death certificate and census records for where a person lived over their life. Keep a list with dates. Add surrounding cities or towns or if near the border with another state be sure to in...


  • States’ Counties and their Changes

    Feb 27

    As you research where your ancestors lived it can be so nice if they stayed in one location (a town or county) for decades, making the searching for records much easier. YET, there can be problems with even the same town or county. There are many examples, but here is one of the changes. If an individual was born in Dade County, FL in 1899, the v...


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