• Very Early Inventions Still Used Today

    Nov 5

    For our ancestors, whether they immigrated in the 1700s, 1800s or 1900s, they did see America as a land of possibilities. Not just in better working opportunities but also in the chance to create or invent something to make life easier for everyone. Many other inventions came from European nations and developed further in America. After t...


  • Kitchen Essentials in the 1940s

    Nov 3

    Something that is often forgotten about in the 21st century is what gadgets were important in any kitchen for the housewife in the 1940s. These would be some important tools to help prepare any meal, many similar to what was used in the 1930s and 1920s, but a few newer had come by the 1940s. These were part of your grandmother's environment,...


  • Nickel Coke-Cola

    Nov 1

    You will for sure want to include in the family history memories about the nickel Coke-Cola. It is one of those standards that every America and other around the globe know and have tasted. It is one item everyone remembers but they may have forgotten it remained the same price for decades – one nickel (just 5 cents). It beg...


  • Election Cake

    Oct 30

    There was a long-time tradition in America, a special treat served to those who voted on Election Day. However, its beginnings was actually during the time there were British colonies and when young men were drafted in the early to mid-1700s to served in the British Army. In a local community, those men drafted were given a special cake name...


  • Civil War Soldiers Dyed Their Hair

    Oct 29

    One of the most important invocations to come during the American Civil War was photography, the equipment could be hauled in a wagon and many photographers traveled from military camp to towns across America during 1861-1865. That is great because more than likely you might have a photo of an ancestor who served during the Civil War. Not on...


  • Ancestors Basic Skills for Survival

    Oct 27

    No matter where your ancestors grew up, even in a large city, there were decades where each individual had to have basic skills for survival. Countless chores and hard work that were common up until more recent history. These tasks were not only crucial for the survival of the family unit but also provided some semblance of efficiency and cle...


  • Italian Internment in the Early 1940s

    Oct 25

    During World War 2 (1939-1945), it was nation against nation. With Japan attaching the American Pearl Harbor in 1941, anyone who was Japanese in America was looked at as a threat to the nation. So many Japanese-American (even those born in the USA) were placed in special internment camps across the US. That was also done to many of Ital...


  • New Innovations in 1893

    Oct 23

    With just a few years before the dawn of the 20th century, many things were already changing and becoming 'modern' for your ancestors. These new innovations would truly become a part of your ancestors' lives very soon. Imagine your grandparents or great grandparents and how they may have felt about the new modern items. Many were show...


  • Jack-O-Lanterns

    Oct 17

    You and your ancestors have used the phrase of 'jack-o-lanterns' for decades. It does have a very long history and was part of most people's lives. The original meaning in the 1660s was for a man with a lantern or a night watchman. By 1700s, it referred to mysterious light seen at night along marsh and swamp areas. These were 'ghost lig...


  • A November Election Date

    Oct 15

    Election day is always a Tuesday. But it did not start that way. States were allowed to hold elections any time they wanted within a 34-day period but no later than the first Wednesday in December. This did cause problems with some states voting earlier and it could have influenced states who held late elections. If you had ancestors in A...