• FamilySearch Digital Library

    Nov 23 has a great collection of material with its 'Digital Library'. It is actual collections from a number of major libraries across the nation. These are world-renowned genealogical research partner libraries: Allen County Genealogical Center, Arizona State Library, Birmingham Public Library, BYU Family History Library, Houston Publ...


  • Spanish Flu – 1918 – Philadelphia, PA

    Nov 21

    Some events happen that you might not be aware affected your ancestors. Better than one hundred years ago there was a world-wide disease of the Spanish Flu. This influenza pandemic of 1918-19 killed between 50 and 100 million people around the globe (men-women-children). Especially affected were young adults, people between the ages of 18 a...


  • Changing County and State Boundaries

    Nov 19

    It can be a challenge if you have ancestors dating back a couple of hundred years. Not just to learn their names and other information but also where did they live. Even if you thought they remained in the same county of the same state for decades … you will quickly see that county and state borders changed quite a bit over the years even...


  • Your Ancestors – Veterans Day

    Nov 11

    Veterans Day is a well-known American holiday, but there are also a few misconceptions about it — like how it’s spelled or whom exactly it celebrates. Some people think it is spelled: “Veteran’s Day” or “Veterans’ Day,” but they’re wrong. The holiday is not a day that “belongs” to one veteran or multiple veterans, whi...


  • Unique 1890 Census

    Nov 3

    Herman Hollerith patented the system of punch cards in 1889, used it for his PhD at Columbia and used it for the Census Bureau in 1890. His company, through a series of mergers, became IBM. A plaque to him was erected by IBM on the C&O Canal at 31st Street, NW, in Georgetown, D.C. True, much of the original 1890 US Federal Census ...


  • Ancestors’ Given Names

    Nov 1

    If you have gotten even a little into your family tree research, one of the more interesting aspects is ancestors' given names. There can be good and bad points in such research. If the ancestor had an unusual first and or middle name it can help narrow down your search. But not always. I had an ancestor with my husband's family I sear...


  • Halloween Costumes Over the Decades

    Oct 27

    In the early 20th century and for the next couple of decades, it was usually adults who dressed up in costumes for the annual Halloween parties they attended. Kids dressed up also but not as much as adults then. In fact, dressing up for all types of holidays or events was very popular with adults. They would dress up on New Year’s, Val...


  • Bottle and Canned Foods Thanks to Appert

    Oct 23

    Nicolas Appert—the inventor of hermetically sealed food preservation and the "father of bottled - canned foods"—was born November 17, 1749 in France. He was a chef in Paris, France 1784 to 1795. In 1795, he experimenting with ways to preserve foodstuffs, succeeding with soups, vegetables, juices, dairy products, jams and syrups. He...


  • Andersonville Prison- Civil War

    Oct 21

    This prison is one that nearly everyone has heard of, where so many Union soldiers died. Measuring a time span of 14 months (Feb. 1864-May 1865) in Camp Sumter (actual name of the prison) located near Andersonville, Georgia, some 13,000 (28%) of the 45,000 Union soldiers confined there died. Their deaths were due to ignorance of nutrition an...


  • Finding an Ancestor

    Oct 19

    Everyone needs some ideas on looking for their ancestors on the family tree. The following a few ideas in approaching each ancestor you are looking for. Always do a complete investigation using local hometown newspapers of your ancestors' names. Not just obituaries, but also look at society articles, news topics, club news, advertisemen...